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Rate Cuts Boost Gold And QE Is Resumed


We have long held the belief that gold and the US dollar have an inverse relationship and that the relaxation of monetary policy will eventually weaken the US dollar and, in turn, boost gold prices.

Last week was no exception,

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Gold Miners Are Set Up For Huge Gains


The fortunes of the gold mining companies are of course totally dependent upon finding and extracting the underlying asset of gold itself, so this is where we will start. Gold was unloved and derided as an investment for six long years until its recent breakout when the price rose from sub $1200/Oz a year ago to a high of $1555/Oz in August 2019. Having gained some $300/Oz in just three months a correction was due and as with all rallies they run out of steam. The correction so far has been in the order of $100/Oz and as the chart below shows the overbought position has been unwound. This doesn’t mean that gold cannot go any lower, it most certainly can, but the chart suggests that the selling has slowed and that we may see some sideways action before gold resumes its rally. We are of the opinion that this pullback will be short lived, and we are fully intent on holding onto the stocks that we have acquired with the view to acquiring more as and when the market ‘dips’

The influencers are the S&P 500 and whether or not it will correct in a substantial way and the US Dollar and whether or not it too will lose its attractiveness should the Federal Reserve continue with a strategy of fiscal stimuli, via rate cuts and possibly QE as the ECB are now doing.

The 12-Month Gold Chart

The chart below shows that price of gold has now penetrated its 50dma having remained above it for four months as the rally gained some traction. We view this as a negative for gold prices and as we have skin in this game, we would like to see it recover and settle at a level well above the 50dma, which currently stands at $1500/Oz.

On the plus side

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Gaining Exposure To The Junior Gold Mining Sector


The precious metals sector offers a number of vehicles in which we can participate in our quest to generate a profit. A junior mining company that gets it right can produce spectacular returns in terms of a capital gain which is many multiples of its stock price. However, if misfortune strikes then there exists the possibility for it to disappear due to bankruptcy. In order to separate the wheat from the chaff we need to do a lot of work in terms of research, stock comparisons, stock performance, financial statements, guidance, milestone achievements, management, geo-political stability, etc.

This sort of time and effort is difficult for many investors and so a fund offering to spread your cash over a number of companies is appealing and they do attract cash in a big way. As per usual the devil is in the detail, so we still need to understand exactly what a particular fund consists of such as which companies are included or excluded, the spread of cash between those companies, the amount of cash on hand, operating expenses, taxation, etc.

Today we will take a brief look at one of these funds, an ETF for Junior Mining Companies called

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Explosive Silver Prices Will Be Mind Boggling


Gold has been ignored for 6 years and silver has been totally forgotten about by the majority of the investment community. This was evident when the gold/silver ratio rose to almost record levels at 95 which was reached in July 2019. The situation has started to change over the last few months as we have seen both gold and silver prices spring to life and increase in value. In particular, silver has been moving faster than gold as the gold/silver ratio shows that it now stands at a reduced level of 83.

The Silver Chart

This chart depicts the sudden rise in silver prices from around $14.50/oz to a high of $19.50/Oz in just 4 months. We can also glean that during that period of rapid movement, silver formed a number of higher lows which is usually a positive indication of a strong advance.

Gold/Silver Ratio chart

This chart shows that the gold/silver ratio rose to 95 when silver was out of favor

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The FOMC Meeting And What It Means For Gold And Silver


The FOMC monthly meeting has just concluded and predictably the Federal Reserve cut interest rates again by 25 basis points and so the new target range is 1.75% to 2%. They also guided that there was a possibility of one more rate cut by the end of the year.

The immediate reaction was that the S&P 500 fell dramatically before recovering to close at 2992. The US Dollar rose 0.32% to close at 98.14. Gold prices fell to around $1485/Oz before recovering some of the losses to close at around $1515/Oz and silver prices followed suit falling to around $17.50/Oz before regaining some of those losses to close at $17.85/Oz

It should be noted that interest rates across the globe are either negative or close to zero as each central banker tries to remain competitive with other nations. This race to the bottom by all concerned has the effect of cancelling or negating what other central banks have done and so the benefit tends to be negated.

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Nick Barisheff - Gold Beating Buffett Since 2000

This is a very good interview and well worth:
228K subscribers 

Every week, there are new warnings sounding about an ever increasing wobbly economy? Stocks are near record highs, and so is the global debt. So, what do you do? Nick Barisheff, CEO of Bullion Management Group (BMG), says, “In the U.S. dollar since 2000, gold is up an average of 9.4% per year.

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Wheaton Precious Metals Corporation A $100.00 Streamer


As a speculator I traded in and out of Wheaton Precious Metals Corporation (WPM) for many years via the stock itself and also through a number of options trades. We first covered this company in a post entitled Silver Wheaton on Tuesday, 11th July 2006, and have penned over 80 articles since then as we were very active traders throughout the bull phase of the precious metals market.

Wheaton Precious Metals Corporation

Formally known as Silver Wheaton Corp back in the day

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Fast And Furious Silver Prices Prepare To Rocket To New All Time Highs


On the 10th July 2019 we penned an article entitled: Silver Prices Prepare For Blast-off and concluded as follows;

The last eight years have been dismal for silver and silver miners.

Higher lows are being formed, which is a positive indication of things to come.

Gold has been the center of attention and silver has been left behind. The tide is turning, and silver prices should make some serious gains from

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The Jackson Hole Jolly For Central Bankers And The Ramifications For Gold


Investors and speculators alike awaited with bated breath for the latest meeting of the central bankers to be concluded. Given a less than positive economic future the bankers are looking to more financial stimuli in an attempt to cushion the upcoming recession. 

Some news outlets have reported that there is now $16 trillion worth of global negative interest rate debt. Who in their right minds invests their hard-earned cash in a dead certainty of a loser? A pension fund that is paying out at a rate of 5%-6% is reliant on an investment that has a negative return, how long can that go on,

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Gold: The 2 Main Influences Are The U.S. Dollar And The S&P 500 (Part 2)


On the 2nd of July 2019 we posted Part One of this article with the following summary points:

After six years in the doldrums gold has suddenly come to life, however the two main influences on it are the U.S. dollar and the S&P 500.

Gold has an inverse relationship with the U.S. dollar and tends to move in the opposite direction to it.

We're all aware that

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