Thursday, November 9, 2006 at 12:52PM
Gold Prices in Gold

If you are not already in then make an investment as soon as you can. Gold is on the move in a big way. You won’t see $600.0 again!

Are we getting to the point? Is anyone in any doubt?

Whether you prefer gold Exchange Traded Funds, gold itself or gold mining stocks, as we do, do it now!

We don’t care if you buy what we have bought or not, if you have your own favourite stocks buy them now.

It is going to be a golden Christmas; of this we are very confident. There are many chartists out there who are waiting for gold’s 50-day moving average to cross the 200-day moving average before they will buy. Well its coming to a trading screen near you and its coming quickly.

How far will it travel you ask? Here at gold-prices we think $710 by New Years Eve and then on to challenge the $800.0. It will be fast and furious. If you can’t stand the odd pull back then don’t look, just lie back and think of Honolulu.

And do not sell.

09 November 2006
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