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Klondike Star Mineral Corp


The best place to build a gold mine is next to another gold mine and Klondike Star is slap bang in the middle of the worlds greatest ever gold rush. This is the stuff that dreams are made of, the search for the mother lode. If you don’t have dreams they can’t come true. This area of the Yukon has produced placer or surface gold for over a century. However a mystery remains unsolved, where is the mother lode that gave birth to all this placer gold?

Someone who thinks he knows is the well known and respected Canadian mine finder Richard Hughes who has been able to evaluate the property and has determined that the source of the placer gold is in the 3 shear zones that intersect Lone Star mountain.

The 3 shear zones contain fine gold locked in pyrites. The formation also contains lode gold, or nugget gold found in the drain offs coming from the mountain. If Richard Hughes has diagnosed the situation correctly then the shear zones could be the source of nugget gold. If so, then this exploration could lead to a considerable discovery.

Investing hard earned cash on one mans predictive analysis is a gamble, but he is no ordinary man as his experience shows he has made significant discoveries in the past.

We also take some comfort from the fact that the Lone Star claims comprise nearly 1,200 mineral, or underground claims, so we are in the right place. And what of the company? Well, Klondike Star Mineral Corporation is a well-established exploration and development company actively engaged on eight major properties in the Yukon Territory, Canada. Their property consists of 390 square kilometres of land underlying the site of the Klondike Gold Rush. There is also some 93 square kilometres of land in other parts of the Yukon, which has been specially identified for exploration.

The trading volume has been on the increase lately, which is another good indictor. It doesn’t mean that the stock price will go up automatically but if the volume were falling then the stock price would possibly head south.

We are buying with the intention of holding for a year or so. This gold mining company is capitalised at about $95 million. We are happy to accumulate at the current price of around $3.80. This stock trades under the symbol of KDSM on OTCBB; the usual brokers such as Etrade should be able to execute your instructions.

Please visit their website and take the time to watch their videos and see if you get a feeling of competent professionals going about their business. The photographs of the northern lights are spectacular.


We can see from the graph below that recent increase in trading volume and the steady climb from $3.50 to $3.80. As always some retracement is possible.


17 July 2006

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