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Friday, August 11, 2006 at 11:57AM
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Answers to a few general points that come up in your emails regarding our portfolio.

We do not work for any of the gold mining companies that we write about or hold an investment in. In fact we only work for ourselves, investing our own funds into the investment opportunities that we believe will make us handsome profits.

All of our research is free and published on this website.

We have researched many stocks that do not get a mention because we don’t consider them to be amongst the best at that particular time. As and when we feel the time is right we will publish our findings.

We do not have a private newsletter to which you can subscribe for a fee. At the moment we don’t feel that we will take this route as we are happy to generate profits, enjoy those profits and enjoy writing about them, come what may.

We do cover silver and uranium but not on this website, just click on to silver or uranium to be transferred to those investment sites.

We tend to shy away from options trading and the futures market as it may be a vehicle for creating wealth quickly, however, it is also a vehicle that can wipe you out in no time at all. Our progress may be slow as investments need time to mature, but this current bull market in gold will ensure that it is certainly not dull.

Occasionally we suggest a bet, this will more than likely be based around the stocks that we are already have an investment in. But if we have identified a short-term gain regarding gold, then we will tell you what we are doing, why we are buying, how long to hold for and why we are selling.

This site is designed to have fun with your gold related investments not to be full of stress, so don’t risk more of your money than you can afford to lose. Also bear in mind that we not looking for a safe haven to put our money, we are looking for investment vehicles that we think will DOUBLE within 12 months. This strategy therefore carries with it risk, so relax into it and don’t go too mad on any one investment.

Never fall in love with a stock, its hard for us not to I know, but discipline is ever so important.

Keep the comments coming as it adds a little balance to our analysis.

11 August 2006
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