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Useful websites.

Useful websites.

We have listed some of the websites that we find very informative and strongly recommend that you visit them as part of your due diligence before investing your hard earned cash into the precious metals market.

This directory lists the websites covering:

1. Stock exchanges where gold and gold mining shares are traded.

2. Gold mining companies that interest us and may be of interest to you.

3. Useful reference points

4. Miscellaneous websites that we often visit.

Stock Exchanges:

The Toronto Stock Exchange WEB:
This exchange probably has the largest number of gold mining companies of any exchange.

The New York Stock Exchange WEB:
Commonly known as the big board, an exchange for the larger more established miners.

A number of mid stocks and smaller companies can be found here.

The American Stock Exchange WEB:
A number of mid stocks and smaller companies can be found here.

The London Stock Exchange WEB:
Probably the biggest exchange for the trading of physical gold in the world.

The Aim Stock Exchange WEB
A London exchange used as an entry platform for new ventures similar to the Venture exchange in Toronto.

New York Mercantile Exchange Comex Division WEB:
This is the world's largest physical commodity futures exchange and trading forum for energy and precious metals.

Shanghai Gold Exchange WEB:
A very busy Chinese exchange that is destined to grow.

Tokyo Commodity Exchange WEB:
The Tokyo Commodity Exchange for gold, options and derivatives.

Mining companies that have interesting websites:
We may or may not hold these stocks at any given time.
This is one of our favourites and a permanent fixture in our portfolio.
This is a smaller gold miner with a promising future.
This is a well-managed gold mining company with a great future.
Bema Corporation has recently listed on the NYSE.
This company is in the main a silver producer with the added kicker of some gold production.
This company is mining gold in Alaska and also has an interesting green fuel play.
This is a relatively new mining company in which the legendary Rob McEwen has a major stake.
This is not a gold play but a Copper play that we think is worth some consideration.
This one is a real heavy weight if you like that sort of investment.
This company has hedged a lot of its production so at the moment it does not fit into our investment criteria.

The Hunter Dickinson group WEB:
This group has a small stable of mining companies that usually do very well, worth a look.

Websites that contain useful information.

The World Gold Council WEB:
A mine of information and one of the world’s authorities on gold.

Australian Gold Council WEB:
The Minerals Council of Australia is now carrying out the functions of the Australian Gold Council.

American Gold WEB:
This organisation specialises in hard assets such as gold coins.

British Jewellers' Association WEB:
The British Jewellers’ Association is the national trade association responsible for the promotion and growth of UK jewellery

Chamber of Mines of South Africa WEB:
This Association provides news and data for the South African Mining Industry.

e-bullion WEB:
This organisation provides an electronic bullion service.

The Gold Anti Trust Action Group WEB:
The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee was formed to advocate and undertake litigation against illegal collusion to control the price and supply of gold

Gold Fields Mineral Services Ltd. WEB:
This is a precious metals research consultancy.

Gold-Eagle WEB:
Contains information and a forum.

Kitco Inc: WEB:
This is probably the most visited precious metals website that there is. It also provides a platform for some of the industries most respected commentators.

The Privateer WEB:
The Privateer contains gold quotes, data and historical articles.

N M Rothschild & Sons WEB:
Rothschild provides advice and global client services

Royal Canadian Mint WEB:
A place to go shopping when you can’t think of anything else to do. WEB:
Provides prices, charts and articles.

Tokyo Commodity Exchange WEB:
You can trade most commodities, futures and options here.

Utilise gold WEB:
Not so much an investment website but useful to industrial engineers, designers, researchers and scientists who are interested in the technical properties of gold and its uses.

Miscellaneous Websites:

Etrade WEB:
This is an online banking and share-trading platform, useful for those who want to do their own thing.

Report on Business WEB:
This is one of the best business programmes on television. If you don’t live in Canada and can’t see it live then you can view all of their shows on the web in your own time. They do manage to interview the shakers and movers involved with the precious market.

Stanley Hunt TV interviews WEB:
Stanley Hunt also provides televised interviews with the top executives in the mining industry. The show also features some of the newer exploration and development stocks that have a story to tell.

Silver portfolio WEB:
This is our sister website, it provides free research and publishes its own portfolio. They do have a newsletter, which is also free so why not sign up if silver is the metal of your choice.

Uranium Portfolio WEB:
This is another of our sister websites (we only have three) again it deals with uranium stocks and is free.

TV and radio WEB:
A popular website of constant rolling news items.

No doubt will update this list from time to time but we hope that you find it of interest in the meantime.

17 August 2006

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