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BE BOLD: Buy and Hold Gold

As you know we prefer the gold mining stocks to holding the metal however, if you prefer to have the real deal in your hands then do it now. R.I.P. $500 gold.

We have to say that we extremely bullish on the yellow metal and gain more confidence with each day by our stocks performance.

This website leans towards those mining stocks that will be affected the most by any movement in gold prices. We tend to select those stocks, which do not forward sell their gold production, commonly known as hedging. An index of mainly unhedged stocks is collected together in the HUI index. Our objective is to outperform the HUI which means some of our stock picks will be riskier than most, although a few of them are constituent parts of the HUI. So, when deciding what to buy bear in mind that our selections could flop in a dramatic fashion or conversely put in a life changing performance.

At the moment we are looking for $850 plus by the year-end coupled with the gold mining sector playing catch up in a big way. News Year Eve will be champagne time.

However, when considering which asset class to invest in we are very bullish on silver and Uranium. Should you wish to read our opinion on these metals then just click on silver or uranium and you will see our sister websites.

02 August 2006.

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Reader Comments (3)

It's working well now!
Keep up the good work

August 9, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterFlapps

We are pleased that you are enjoying it, if you have any further questions or comments about the site or gold, mining stocks, gold prices, etc.,then don't hestitate to contact us

August 10, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterBob

I hope, I really hope that you are wrong, that we will see $500 gold...$400 gold and even $270 gold again. Those would be great buying opportunities.

I am disappointed by the market's action, that the gold price did not see a summer's recess like it did last year.

I am a hobbyist jeweler who likes to work with gold. When gold was $260 (eight years ago) I could afford to make large items. Now I cannot. I bought and sold gold then for profit...just like I do today. But I could afford to keep some then...Now I have to sell in order that I can have the cash flow to afford to buy even more. Then...I could afford to keep some...Today I have too much money tied up into it, at any given time, to keep it.

Furthermore we have seen the gold price double in the past eight years. When something is at a low value it has plenty of room to move up. When something is high priced it has more room to move down.

The sky is not the limit guys. If the economy gets too bad and we go into stagflation the gold market will tank out...just like it did in the early 1980's after gold's previous meteoritic rise in the late 1970's. Remember???

The American speculator/investor/inflation hedgers will not have the funds to "hold the gold" and need to have the cash flow in order to eat ("eat" means to pay the bills, rent or mortgage, utilities, etc.).

Then everybody sells because they have no cash. (Stagflation...Remember??? High interest rates compounded by high prices and high unemployment which equals NO CASH...REMEMBER??? ARE YOU ALL ASLEEP...WAKE UP!!!) and this newly created bubble market tanks. This happened in January, 1980... REMEMBER??? It will happen again unless the American dollar really tanks and then we are all going to be in really bad no gold. ECONOMIC DEPRESSION...DESTITUTION...possible POLITICAL REVOLUTION.

And then you seem to be writing gleefully of the rise in price of gold...Happy at our oncoming destruction? $850 by year's end...New Year's eve will be champagne time. I don't think so...Drop the Sham...maybe New Year's eve might be PAIN time if this keeps going on.

I prefer, although I do not expect it by any way, shape, or means, to have a STABLE gold price. I can STILL make money with gold when gold is stable.

Tall Tom
I Cor 13

July 15, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterTom

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