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GOLD: Can you feel the pulse?

Gold prices are now at the starting line waiting for the signal to sprint the next $100 to $725 before we can say Jolly Hockey sticks.

Thin trade as the holiday period draws to a close. The Indian harvest season is all but done and the weddings are ready to roll. High rollers turn their minds to where the next million is coming from as they prepare to return to their desks. The dollar hangs on the ropes hoping for breather.

The stage is set.

Is your hard earned cash invested in the most precious of all precious metals? Are you waiting for the next dip? Are you waiting for a higher price before dumping those donkey stocks that were yesterdays story?

Don’t wait any longer savvy investors have been using this calm period to invest in good gold mining companies.

Our own portfolio is still 8% up despite a few of our cavalier selections dragging their pick axes through the sand. Kinross for instance is up 35% since we bought it. Come December and January 2007, which is not far away, we will be wishing we had the balls of steel required to hit it harder than we have.

Even so, we don’t go along with 5% to 10% of an investment should be in gold. All of our investments are in mining stocks, either gold or silver or Uranium. Our silver website is and our uranium website is so we have a little diversity but we do believe that this upcoming bull run is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Don’t miss it. Buy your favourite precious metals mining stocks now.

This chart is a bit of tease but then again what do you expect from a mistress of quality?

In our opinion gold is steadying itself before making a break for higher ground, the next few weeks will be fascinating.

26 August 2006

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