Silverado Gold Mines Ltd: Green Fuel Update
Saturday, August 5, 2006 at 08:56AM
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Buried in a recent press release regarding Silverado’s progress, the President and CEO, Garry Anselmo, give us a green fuel clue. He said that the company continues to move forward and that a lot of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ activity had been completed on the LRCW Fuel project. By this, he is referring to the on-going negotiations with various government departments, which really is good news.

The little gem in what he said was his reference to a very exciting announcement either in August or September. We don’t have any further information at the moment but we would guess that it could mean some sort of government aid may be in the form of funding. This is just a guess on our part. However, it does make sense to us. Why would the United States want to be reliant on oil? Oil is supplied in the main, by the Russians and the Middle Eastern countries, how reliable is it? Would it not be better to be dependant on your own resources? Geopolitically, alternative fuels such a green, clean fuel at $15.0 per barrel approximately, has to be the way to go.

At a little over six cents a share it is well worth accumulating now.

05 August 2006.
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