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GOLD: A tidal wave of Media Coverage


One of the aspects that influence the gold price movement is the media coverage that gold receives. We are now entering a media blitz on gold, which will generate attention like never seen before.

We have had a fairly quiet summer with not a lot to talk about, thin trade, and vacations, et al. But, just take a look at what is coming up in terms of events on the financial calendar:

Hard Asset Investment Conference - Las Vegas, Nevada -Sep.6, 7

This conference will kick off the season and really set the tone for the coming “fall” activity. Why? Well just take a look at the line up; it’s the who’s who of the precious metals industry. With names like:
James Dines, a legend in the precious metals market. Peter Grandich, James Turk and Lawrence Roulston, all on the same bill. These people have incredible influence and can sway the market with just a few words. I wonder who will be the most outrageous (or courageous) in terms of their forecasts? Will any of them say:

Gold $1000 per ounce by mid January 2007
Silver $20 per ounce by mid January 2007
Uranium $70 per once by mid January 2007.

Because that’s what we think here at!

The Silver Summit - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - Sept. 21,22

Some of the speakers here will include representatives from Hecla Mining and Pan-American Silver. Analysts, including David Morgan, Jason Hommel, Patricia M. Mohr, John Embry, and Bernard von NotHaus will be adding their weight to the conference.

Other conferences follow which add to the impact already made, continuing to build the momentum. These include but are not limited to:

Global Chinese Financial Forum - Toronto, Ontario - Sept. 23

The 2006 Toronto Resource Investment Conference - Toronto, Ontario - Sept. 24, 25

There are also Conferences in South Africa, London, Newfoundland, Beijing, China, Sydney, Australia and so on.

This news media blitz will get the precious metals story onto everyone’s lips. By January 2007 we will be looking at a very different picture indeed.

Follow your favourite analysts and invest in their recommendations or follow us the only free investment portfolio on the web that we are aware of.

Good luck.

02 September 2006

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