THE GREAT GOLD DEBATE: Different argument, same result!
Thursday, September 21, 2006 at 09:28AM
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Where are gold prices going? What's in store for gold? Why invest in gold? Which gold stocks to purchase? Three of the precious metals industries heavyweights battle it out.

Last night we managed to catch 'The Great Gold Debate' via the web on It was good to see Paul van Eeden and John Embry on the same stage. For good measure they also had an Elliot Wave analyst called Steven Hochberg. The only let down was Lou Schizas, who managed to select plonkers from the audience to pose questions, shame!

The point that got us was that for different reasons both Embry and Van Eeden came to a similar conclusion; that gold was going up. Their predictions ranged from the gold price now to $1650 per ounce by Embry and up to £1350 per ounce by Van Eeden.

John Embry is in the GATA camp and produced data confirming central bank manipulation of the gold price and Paul Van Eeden referred to various metrics to suggest that this was not so.

Its well worth a watch if you have the time.

John Embry, chief investment strategist, Sprott Asset Management
Paul van Eeden, president, Cranberry Capital
Steven Hochberg, chief market analyst, Elliot Wave International

21 September 2006
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