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Silverado Gold Mines: Call of the Wild!

Silverado Gold
Today’s news release from Silverado has some interesting nuggets of its own. In the last twelve months they have recovered 670 ounces of nugget gold and they still have 18000 loose cubic yards to be processed by the wash plant by the end of August. This should make interesting reading over the next few weeks for all the fans of Silverado.

The exploration for placer gold will continue with the Jack London bench (does anyone remember reading his book “Call of the Wild” what a contrast to the way most of us live now) where drilling will take place later this year to test the viability of actual open pit mining of this new bench.

So far this year Silverado has been aggressively exploring for a lode gold and antimony deposit on its Nolan property using the two techniques of extensive soil sampling and a geophysical campaign. The combination of these results indicates the likely presence of gold antimony mineralization.

Following on from last year's trenching programme this year’s trenching programme has confirmed the northeastward continuation of the three zones that contain antimony-gold-quartz veins identified in 2006. To date 107 combined select chip and channel rock samples have been collected and submitted to ALS Chemex in Fairbanks for analysis. Watch this space!

The timing of any investment is of course an important consideration. For what it is worth we can see that the US dollar has been beaten up recently and now sits squarely on its support line. There is a possibility that it will bounce from this point having an adverse affect on gold. We don’t expect this bounce, if it does indeed happen, to last very long. However you may want to wait in the hope that you can buy this stock right on the bottom, good luck if you implement that strategy. We were happy enough to buy recently as we see it as good value, as the regular readers will already know. If you are new to this site you might want to take a look at the related articles for Silverado for more background information on this exciting gold and green fuel play.

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Reader Comments (3)

wow, that is great news!
i have positioned my core holdings the past few weeks and completed the last batch today after reading this piece of encouraging news..
the more bullish i get as i look at the video presentations and explanation of the processes..

will be happy to add some more if it falls to .08 or a miracle if it goes down to .07.. hahaha..

thanks to mr.bob of gold-prices for posting about this company. the moment i read it, i immediately come to the conclusion that this technology will have a bright future, in light of what is happening around us now.

a two-in-one play.. what more can you ask :)

July 17, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMike


July 18, 2007 | Unregistered Commentermike javick

SLGLF is only a portion of my portfolio.. as any form of investment entails risk.. i view this risk as acceptable because (for me) the potential is huge.. while other mining shares have risen, this one, because of unproven reserves.. havent been given attention yet by investors.

I particularly like this stock because of the green fuel + mining play.. if the mines turn out to be a dud, then at least they have another one in their pockets or vice versa.

Furthemore, in response to your question. Owning mining shares is an indirect play on the related metal it mines. Granting the government makes owning of gold illegal, what we are holding are company ownership and not the metal itself. If individuals are disallowed to own gold, then all is not lost because there would be government or institutional buyers for those gold mined. Therefore, spreading the asset class you hold is still the prudent way to invest.

July 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMike

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