Gold Up in Hong Kong
Monday, November 9, 2009 at 02:31AM
Gold Prices in Gold
Gold Chart 09 Nov 09.JPG

A good start to the week as gold rose slightly in Australia and carried on moving higher in Hong Kong. Hopefully this move can gain some traction and follow through to London and then blow the pants off the shorters in New York City.

If the precious metals can maintain some momentum here then both the core holdings and the Options plays should show signs of good improvements. We are still gunning for two months of tremendous progress despite the detractors, the worriers and those who still recommend keeping a miserly 5% of your portfolio in gold and silver. We have some cash in the trading account but not much as we are just about all in and this is the only arena worth investing in, in our very humble opinion.

Yes we are confident to the pint of being cavalier as we have often written so you know our position.

As we wrote recently “Prepare for fireworks in the precious metals arena as the sparklers have been lit and the rockets are approaching the launch pad.”

Have a good one and stay calm.

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