Special Income Report: Yields Of Over 40% Anyone?
Monday, June 1, 2009 at 01:06AM
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How does a 41.99% yield sound?

With central banks slashing interest rates and blue chip companies chopping dividends, generating a decent income in this market environment can be a difficult task.

However, despite what the mainstream investment media may be saying, it is still possible to earn an attractive, sustainable income with your capital – and the yield will probably top what one could expect even when interest rates were at their highs and blue chip stocks were enjoying great earnings at the peak of the bull market.

Central banks have dropped rates incredibly over the past year, meaning that savers are no longer earning a decent return on their savings. In many cases the real rate of return is in fact negative, with the inflation rate being higher than the savings rate.

Canada – 0.25%
England – 0.5%
Japan – 0.1%
EU – 1%
USA – 0.25%
Switzerland – 0.25%
Australia – 3%
New Zealand – 2.5%
Hong Kong – 0.5%

In addition to this, many blue chip companies (those that aren’t fighting bankruptcy) are drastically reducing their dividends and in some cases abolishing them all together.

US investors are facing the worst year for dividend cuts since 1938, Standard & Poor’s has forecast, as a growing tally of blue-chip companies across the globe slash pay-outs for investors.
Dividends have just recently been cut by JP Morgan Chase & Co., Dow Chemical Co., Motorola Inc., Pfizer Inc., Textron Inc., CBS Corp. and the New York Times Co. – to name just a few!

With these issues in mind, the question is: How can I earn a sustainable, attractive return on my capital?

Fortunately, we have some great strategies on this that are simple, practical and do not require massive investments to be worthwhile. Plus using these strategies you can pocket a 41.99% annual yield - just be executing a few simple trades each year!

These strategies are explained in our new special income report, available now for just $59!

This is a one-off payment, with the report being emailed to you within 24 hours!

This report is designed for investment portfolio’s of all sizes, as little as $1000 can be allocated to this strategy and it will still be effective, generating a great return even after commission costs and the cost of the report, in fact its likely that your $59 will be covered within the first couple of weeks using this report!

Timing is crucial; getting this report in the next week would greatly increase your return as opposed to getting in a month from now – for reasons that will become clear in the report. You do not need to have prior knowledge of options trading or even an options trading account to use these strategies.

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Sam Kirtley
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