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Options Trading Questions 17 February 2010

Some of our readers have expressed a certain amount of trepidation regarding the trading of options, asking us how difficult and complex is it. Its true it can be complicated if you are a sophisticated and experienced trader and wish to utilize the many ways to achieve your objective, but it doesn't have to be so.

You can trade Options in an easy manner. As an example, our Options trading service sent out the following email instruction during the trading session on the NYSE:

(Note that units represent a percentage of your portfolio)

7 Oct 09
We have just bought the following options and are signalling BUYS on these GLD calls:

MAR-10 $110 @ $4.20 - 5 Units Allocated

a month or so later we sent out this signal to sell these Call options as follows:

10 Nov 09
Sell GLD Mar-10 $110 Calls

We have just closed the following positions:

GLD MAR-10 $110.00 CALLS - Sold at $5.30
- 5 Units purchased at $4.20 (26.19% Profit)

As you can see it is not an 'if or but' situation, it is a straight forward Buy and then around a month later it is a straight forward Sell. There are explanatory updates sent to our subscribers in between those dates but these are kept very short and to the point as you need to know the time, not the workings of the clock. Prior notice of out intentions is also signalled to our subscribers in order that they can prepare to take advantage of the up-coming signals.

We have closed our last 7 trades, with an average gain of 51.17% in an average of 37 days per trade. These are not our best trades they are the actual trades that we have closed out recently. As you can see they are not world record breaking Options trades but they all returned a reasonable profit in a short time. Now, if you have something more profitable then we suggest that you stick with it and tell us, if not then give us a shot at spicing up your returns, please click here.

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Reader Comments (1)

I thought options expired the 3rd friday of each month?

February 17, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterbradden

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