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Socialism 27 February 2010.JPG

By Vedran Vuk, Casey Research

There is a silver lining to every snowstorm – getting to know your neighbors both good and bad. With forty inches on my block this week, I’ve learned a lot about my neighbors and, strangely enough, socialism.

My corner of Baltimore seems like a good place to ride out a storm. After all, innumerable cars are plastered with Obama bumper stickers, and windows display signs like “Universal Healthcare Now.” In essence, it’s a very liberal neighborhood in an extremely liberal state. What better neighborhood to be in times of need, right?

The architecture ranges from early 19th to early 20th century row homes, which as a result demands parallel parking. This isn’t a great inconvenience most of the time, but with the snow, it’s an absolute nightmare. First the clouds drop forty inches. Then the city snow plow piles another mountain from the street onto your car.

Successfully liberating the vehicle from its icy prison can take hours. After leaving the spot, anyone can take the laboriously freed space. Restoring regular parking conditions quickly requires everyone chipping in for the common good.

During this street clearing process, my neighbors sorted themselves into four groups:
1.The Saint (1% of the neighborhood) – Every couple of blocks resides a truly amazing human being living to serve others. He’s shoveling out his neighbors’ cars, dumping bags of rock salt down the whole street, and passing out shovels like he owns a hardware store.

2.The Good Citizen (15% of the neighborhood) – A caring person doesn’t just shovel enough snow to drive away. He carves out the front and back. After leaving his spot, someone else can parallel park without digging. If everyone did this, normal parking would resume in a day – if not less.

3.The Self-Interested Person (70% of the neighborhood) – This guy doesn’t really care about helping anyone. He carves just enough in the front to get out. The next person must dig before parking.

4.The Malicious Creep (14% of the neighborhood) – Instead of shoveling snow to the curb, the creep stacks snow onto his neighbor’s car. This saves the creep approximately fifteen minutes while adding an hour to his neighbor’s work.

While my neighbors love Obama and universal healthcare, they obviously aren’t such good socialists on their own block. This is no surprise; everyone on earth is an armchair Mother Theresa. We all have noble thoughts at the coffee shop or over beers. But when the snow shovel has to come out, so does the truth.

So let’s face it. Universal healthcare supporters are much like the folks on my street. There are a couple of saints, a few good people, and a large chunk who are either self-interested or just plain selfish. Most support it either because they will benefit directly, or they think the tax burden will not be placed on them.

Just look at this Gallup poll: only 34 percent believe that healthcare reform will personally increase their costs. Gallup also points out that most don’t think healthcare reform will benefit them personally – hence they are supposedly altruistic. But it’s not altruism when only 34 percent believe that they will do the shoveling.

You don’t think this is true? Just look at the Republican Party’s anti-universal healthcare campaign. The GOP hasn’t appealed to morality or fairness, but instead to selfish elements among universal healthcare supporters. The message is that the plan will cost more for everyone and your healthcare will get worse. So far the campaign has worked.

One can speak sweet nothings while pleasantly sitting around a warm fireplace. But in the end, a snowy day and a shovel will always reveal the selfish nature of a socialist underneath.
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Reader Comments (28)

what a load of rubbish - what is north america's problem with anything slightly to the centre of Ghengis Khan. They make themselves look politically naive to the point of appearing like drooling idiots.
If you are too mean to look after the needy in your society don't brand someone who wishes to "a socialist" with all the relish that McCarthy used to claim that people were Communists.

February 26, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterb

What a crock. Obviously written by someone who's trying to impress the other "compassionate conservatives" he works with.

Like any good propagandist, he attaches a convenient label [socialist] onto others to marginalize and demonize them, then makes his pitch for what he wants: no health care for millions of Americans. Now THAT'S "self-interested," placing the author squarely in his 70% group.

The word SOCIALISM could be removed from the graphic at the top and replaced with FASCISM and make just as much sense. It even conforms with the Red State, Blue State theme much better than the current graphic.

And to think, this diatribe was written because some lazy wuss was whining about his car being snowed in. Sheesh...grow up, slacker!

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTao Jones

This was one of the most ignorant articles I have ever seen. Grow up and learn to share.

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChris O'Rourke

Tha author of this article is just another fool who has no idea what "socialism" really is, and who has fallen for the Republican propaganda that President Obama will somehow turn us all into Communists. His statistics about the intentions of his neigbors during a snowstorm are completely fabricated, and after reading this article three times, I cannot figure out what these ridiculous observations have to do with the price of Gold!! I suspect the author also believes that a snowstorm is proof that there is no global warming.

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGreg

What ignorant tripe. Grow up and learn to share. Maybe in a society with social safety nets there wouldn't be so many creeps. And where did you get those numbers? You should have wiped first.

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChris O'Rourke

I will now be cancelling my subscription to these emails Socialism? Come on! I say to the author of this article, that you need to study a simple definiation of what Socialism is. I would guess that you believe in Death Panels, Sarah Palin and the boogy man, too. I am truly embarrassed for you, and how on earth can we trust you to give advise on Gold and Stocks if you think our President is a Socialist. I know! Let's pretend this isn't a problem!!! Let's pretend rates are not going up 39% to 75% in some states!!!! Let's drain the nations economy so that a completely unnecessary industry can profit in the billons from people getting sick. Where's the "UNSUBSCRIBE" button?

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSBT

It is so easy to spend other peoples money. We have had that mindset in Wash DC for the last 50+ years. All it has gotten us is elected Jaba the Hud representation.
In my neighborhood at least 1/3 are out there helping those that cannot do their walks and cars after a snow event.
I live in Chicago.
When it comes to gold, the elite will not touch the privately owned gold, because, according to Rev. Lindsey Williams, the Elite hold their investments in gold bullion and other gold investments, because it is their choice for a currency. They will destroy the dollar another further 30-50% in 2010. Food will be affected the most, along with gasoline at $7.50-$10.00/gal. Now that will get the public up in arms, with the unemployment approaching 24% by the end of the year.

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRF Meyer

If anything, it is Capitalists that point guns to the head to take other's money. Economic life is a big poker game for you selfish people, and then you call the people who want to share theives.

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterWatchingEthosInFreefall

Yeah, I suppose it is naive to think that we can relate to each other successfully in a voluntary, non-violent, and non-coercive way within the structure of a civil society... with an absolute minimum of third party involvement. But I still think it's possible. Hell, I do it everyday. So, do most of the people around me. I really don't need to be governed.

It's the power mongers and advantage seekers who work together to maintain their influence over us. They convince us that there can be no other arrangement than to have a large, expensive, overbearing and coercive government, saying there'd be chaos if they didn't run the show and control every little thing. They've even managed to equate the words anarchy (absence of government rule) and chaos in the public mind. Outrageous.

I happen to believe, as a matter of principle, that violence isn't the answer. And if it is, I prefer to remain unsophisticated and uninvolved. No thanks Dr. Milgram.

Socialism necessarily involves taking BY FORCE from the unwilling by those who consider themselves wiser and possessed of a better nature or due more privilege than their neighbors. Socialism involves ruling BY FORCE for the benefit of the elite. Forget the elevation of the common man and social compassion BS. That's a smokescreen to allow the con to continue and maintain the support of the easily duped. It also allows them to blunt all criticism. Anyone who protests is "meanspirited." Yeah, and Pol Pot was a prince of a guy.

In reality, the "caring" veneer aside, socialists are nothing more than thugs and socialism is nothing more than a more sophisticated variant of slavery. Someone else decides what will be done with my money, my life, even my body. Oh, but wait. Those things aren't really mine, are they? I must have forgotten there for a second. I'm graciously allowed some money, possessions, and a certain amount of freedom by the powerz that be...for now. You know, Goldman, Morgan, Codex, Monsanto, the FDA, and the rest of the wretched U.S. government, etc. After all, the smart parasite doesn't want to kill the host.

Last thought before I go back to drooling:

What makes those who advocate socialist programs think ANY of the government initiatives designed to alleviate poverty and suffering have had that effect in anything but the immediate term? They're not only failures, they're counterproductive, because they perpetuate and expand the problem. 1/8th of the population of the U.S. is on food stamps and it sure as hell isn't because we're "too mean" to care about people or provide help to our neighbors or that we're not paying enough in taxes to help people through rough times. The inefficiencies of providing the aid are nauseating and there's no "exit strategy." Indeed, a lot of people would be very unhappy if welfare (and warfare) were eliminated.

The socialists are never held to account. They've been responsible for more starvation, deprivation, suffering, and murder than anyone, by orders of magnitude, because only big government can make really big mistakes and commit really big crimes. The bulk of the suffering in this world is your responsibility. You're to blame, because, regardless of your motives...pure or're responsible for creating the monster that is the state.

We've institutionalized serfdom and dependence. And now the slavemasters want us to be compliant and behave. Well, your jackbooted minions will have to take away what's left of my independence first...for the good of the community, of course. But you caring compassionate socialists have no problem controlling or eliminating the non-compliant, do you? I believe you've proven that over the years.

You can keep Joe Stalin as your role model, I choose the likes of John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Ron Paul... and William Wallace.


February 27, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfallingman

If representative Democracy is government OF, BY, and FOR THE PEOPLE then America is being infected by a serious self-destructive malady in the guise of Obama National Health Care. Before much longer the balance between the supply and demand - the providers and the takers - will be distorted and out of synch. We are obligated as members of the human race to help the helpless, BUT, let's not be distracted by believing that providing for the able bodied who have refused to work is the honorable thing to do(recent homeless victims of Obamanomics excluded). Haven't we had enough of Liberalism? Isn't it time that the able bodied on the welfare rolls, for generations, should be allowed to work even on menial public works projects?

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJohn Ell

Yes, "infected" by doing the humane, responsible thing that every modern nation in the world does, EXCEPT for the US, due to a very odd right wing fringe that has held our nation back for years. The rest of the world is watching us, scratching their heads in shock that we should actually be entertaining the radical and factually incorrect ideas of the right. We voted the right out of office, that is the will of the people. It's time to move forward. What in the world is Obama waiting for?

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSBT

Game , Set and Match.....

Now shall we get back to talking economics, precious metals?

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterb

I really don't understand why Americans have a problem with socialized medicine! In Australia we pay a MAXIMUM of 4% of our income, the unemployed and pensioners pay nothing, toward our hospital system. We are never turned away from a doctor or hospital or have to forgo medical care through lack of funds and we are provided with excellent medical care. All my kids have been premature and had ambulance/helicopter rides to larger hospitals and had time in intensive care units, two other conditions have required plane rides to larger hospital (I am in a rural area) and I have never paid an extra cent for these services.
They say it will cost the people to much...I've NEVER heard of an Australian having to sell their home to pay for medical expenses or heard of insurance companies knocking back claims for the few Australians that choose to carry private health insurance. The government here would get kicked into the ocean if they tried to take it away from us!

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterK McKenzie

Haha The goldsellers their customers were all paranoid teabagging conservative a**holes!

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterWatchingEthosInFreefall

Haha The goldsellers thought their customers were all paranoid teabagging conservative a**holes!

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterWatchingEthosInFreefall

A Capitalist is simply using saved, borrowed, or equity capital to create or expand a business that provides products or services in hopes of making a profit. She has no ability to force anyone to do anything. All participation is voluntary. As Yogi said, "If they don't want to come to the ballpark, you cant stop 'em."

Get it? VOLUNTARY. You might wanna get familiar with the concept.

When the power of government is used and abused to influence outcomes, provide special favors, and confer competitive advantage, that's state SOCIALISM you dunces, corporatism, it what you like, just don't call it "capitalism" dammit.

The vermin at Monsanto are every bit as fascist or corporatist, to use Mussolini's preferred term, as the people at A.G. Farben were in Hitler's Germany.

Only the government can force others to do that which is against their will...without fear of arrest, that is. So spare me the mindless propaganda.

And how about you "share" your own damn money with whom you care to share it and let me decide to share it with whom I care to share mine. It's called freedom of choice.

I suppose you're against that. Nice. I'd love to see you try to defend that position with something other than slurs and slogans.

And lastly, what makes you clowns think that anyone who is opposed to socialism is necessarily a conservative or Republican. Is that all your imagination can muster, a two dimensional cartoon cutout of the world you've been spoon fed by the propagandists on the left?

As a friend of mine so aptly put it, the Democrats are the enemy...the Republicans are the traitors. Democrats and Republicans...liberals and conservatives...when you boil it down, they're all contemptible, because the the real issue is who believes its okay to use the coercive power of the state to get what they want and who doesn't. And they all do. I loath Bush and Dick Ball&Cheney and your socialist hero, Barackarama, makes me want to puke. But boy, they love him at over at Goldman Sachs.

Good riddance to those who are unsubscribing to this great service. Don't let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out.

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfallingman

Comment #16 needs to be removed due to inappropriate language. It is a shame that people cannot express themselves in a more educated and eloquint manner. Unforunately, there are people in this country who actually believe that Obama resembles anything close to Socialism. They are usually the ones who usually cannot even spell socialism, let alone define it.

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSBT

Sorry if I offended you pal. Maybe you need to grow a little thicker skin.

Oh, and with regards to not being able to spell, the word is eloquent Hahahahaha. Now that's rich. Eloquint. And you're talking about people not having a clue. Hahahaha. You're redefining irony. I love it. But hey, we all make mistakes., I miss-typed I.G. Farben above. Sorry about that.

Socialism is another word for slavery and I ain't bowin' to massa. So, are you gonna force me?

Yeah, I thought so. So much for Kumbaya my little socialist friend.

Love ya. Just keep your hands outta my pocket.

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfallingman

#9: You have no idea what Socialism is if you think that anything that this current administration is proposing is anything like Socialism. And it's a horrible shame. Social medicine is the answer. Obama, in his desire to unite the people, and be liked by all people (let alone give in to the radical right) is proposing nothing like Socialism. Obama is far, far, to the right of even the Republican party just 40 years ago. #16/#18: You just didn't get it. I guess I should have known. Sorry. Your language is no offense to me, so no apology necessary. It's degrading to YOU, not to me. It tells me much about you that even your comments did not say.

February 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSBT

What will be the price when Comex can't deliver?

You Have Got To Read THESE

Chuck Pinnell

February 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChuck Pinnell

Funny. I don't feel degraded.

"From each according to his each according to his need." Hey, I didn't make it up. But I'd love to hear your definition. That oughtta be entertaining.

And I'd especially like to have you attempt to justify the state's (your) use of coercion.

You couldn't and probably wouldn't try to personally force me to do anything. But you're okay with enabling and allowing the government to do your dirty work for you. You get to go about your life, acting self-satisfied and self-righteous, with your hands clean while the goon squad takes care of the ugly business of handling the non-compliant.

Is it that you think about that moral problem and don't have an answer or that you prefer not to think about it, because you don't have an answer?

February 28, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfallingman

Amazing how people who keep bleating on about Democracy, Rule of Law, the Declaration of Independence and Freedom of Speech are loathe to accept those whose opinions are different enjoying those ideas. Face it Republicans and Libertarians - you have a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED President (for once) so embrace the fruits of your democracy and accept it. Democracy isn't taking your ball away if you're not winning....

February 28, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterb


We have had a good 'chew' on this one so thank you very much for taking the time to get involved and state your point of view, your comments are very much appreciated and all views are welcome.

Now, we are looking at different strategies in order to get the best results from this bull market as per the article above so please have a swipe at it and let us what you think.

February 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGold Prices

Taking something for nothing is called stealing. Redistibution, socialism, Facism, means you do not wish to earn what you desire. Unfortunatley for all of you on the dole,conservatism is coming back. Enjoy all the freebies while you still get them.

February 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRand

Yeah #22, now you have George W. Bush 2.0. Congratulations. At least Lloyd Blankfein is happy.

And, by the way, it's a Republic with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights the President is supposed to uphold. None have in my lifetime. THAT's the problem, not what person or what party holds the office. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. We just got fooled again.

February 28, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfallingman

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