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70.24% Return in only 50 days: We Outperform Gold 10x Over!

Just one week on from our most recent winner, we have closed another trade for a huge 70.24% return.

The above graph shows our well calculated market entry. We opened the position prior to gold’s recent rally and our subscribers have reaped the benefits.

As always, we explained in detail to our subscribers what was involved in placing this trade:

“We hereby signal to buy the GLD Jan 19 '13 $170/$175 Vertical Call Spread at $0.84 with 5% of our capital allocated to this trade.

To execute this trade we are buying the $170 calls and simultaneously selling the $175 calls for a net debit for $0.84.

The risk in this trade is limited to $0.84. Therefore for every option contract in the spread we have $84 at risk. Therefore to allocate $1680 in accordance with our model portfolio one would execute 20 options in each leg.”

In July when we executed this trade, we cited the risk reward dynamics as very attractive. We knew the economic situation in Europe and the US remained dire and with gold not far from its yearly low we identified that the market was under-pricing the probability of further easing.

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In August the hopes of easing shot up significantly and we have reaped the benefits of our long position.


Over the small 50 day period we had this trade open, gold rose 7.2% - which seems like a decent gain.

Relative to the rise in value of our call spread of 70.24% however, 7.2% is pale in comparison.

This 10 fold out performance is purely attributable to our ability to use options to maximise our return whilst limiting our downside risks.

Options are at the heart of our trading strategy and allow us to generate substantial returns for our subscribers. Options have inherent features that make them perfect for our preferred style of trading, including:

  • Customizable leverage
  • Flexible timing, one can speculate on the gold price next week or in two years or more
  • Downside is known and limited
  • Speculating on increasing, decreasing, or unchanged prices is achievable
  • Upside is unlimited, with huge returns in short time frames easily achievable

SK Options Trading has a proven track record of consistency and performance. 

Out of our 103 trades, 94 have closed at a profit for an average return of 35.30% each. Our model portfolio is up 489.37% since 2009. 


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Our mixture of fundamental and technical analysis and what can only be described as pin point market timing is our recipe for success. Our number one priority is the growth of our subscribers’ portfolios. Paramount to this is being very careful to avoid losing any of it!

With gold and other commodity markets making some of the biggest moves of the year recently and setting themselves for more, now is a better time than ever to get involved. Crunch time appears to be approaching for The European Central bank and The Federal Reserve. With monetary easing on the cards before long, markets look poised to rally soon. Precious metals look poised to possibly test all-time highs and we’ll be first in line to profit.

We intend to outperform gold itself and gold miners in this coming rally.

Why did we take profit if we think gold prices are going higher?

Because we moved our capital into a more aggressive trade, one that is up 30% in the few days since we opened it!

Subscribe now to see these and future trades and get the benefit of our experience, expertise, extensive market analysis and most importantly - join a winning team!


Our trading success rate is 91.26%

94 profitable trades out of 103.

Our model portfolio is up 489.37% since inception

An annualized return of 77.63%

An average return of 35.30% per trade

Our annual performance figures are as follows:

2009 We made a profit of 23.89%

2010 We made a profit of 158.66%

2011 We made a profit of 40.95%

In 2011 we outperformed:

S&P by 42%

HUI by 53%

Gold by 31%

Silver by 41%

The 2011 Annual Report by be accessed via this link.                                                                                        

 Also many thanks to those of you who have already joined us and for the very kind words that you sent us regarding the service so far, we hope that we can continue to put a smile on your faces.


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