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85th Trade Takes SK OptionTrader’s Model Portfolio to Gains of 396.58%

On the 28th of June we signalled to our subscribers to “...sell the GLD August 2011 $140/$139 Vertical Put Spread for $0.20 with 10% of our capital allocated to this trade. This trade involves selling the $140 puts and buying the $139 puts, resulting in a net credit of $0.20.”

Then on the 20th of August we told our subscribers that “Our short GLD Aug 20 '11 $140/$139 Vertical Put Spread position has now been closed. As expected, the puts have now expired worthless and so we have banked a 20% profit on this trade. This profit level was achieved some weeks ago, however letting the position expire rather than closing it saves unnecessary commission costs”. Not only did we close yet another profitable trade, but we saved our subscribers the commission costs of closing the trade with their broker. Our 85th trade brought our model portfolio up to record gains of 396.58%! That is an annualized return of 119.04%!

Even with a simple trade such as this, $1000.00 invested would have generated profits of $200.00, paying for your subscription fee in this trade alone! This is not to mention the profits that could have been generated if one had invested in our other trading signals. In fact if one had invested a $10,000 portfolio in accordance with SK OptionTrader signals, that portfolio would now be worth $49,657.88. For more information on our past performance, feel free to check out our trading record.

Once again SK OptionTrader has continued to outperform other vehicles for trading gold, even during times when gold has gone sideways our model portfolio has increased to a massive 396.58% gains.

Currently the SK OptionTrader model portfolio is up 396.58%, which means a $10,000.00 portfolio invested in accordance with SK OptionTrader signals would now be worth $49,657.88. On average position gains 42.21% in 45.41 days, which provides an annualized return of 119.04%.

We currently have trades open which are showing gains of over 260%, and we see these positions as well as others in our portfolio gaining further! We also recently closed a trade with gains of 197.14%. So now is the perfect time to open a subscription with SK OptionTrader and begin increasing the profitability of your options trading portfolio.

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sk chart performance of 10k mod port 22 aug 2011.JPG

sk chart return on SK OptionTrader Model Port 22 aug 2011.JPG

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