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New Design For Gold Prices

As you may have noticed, we have re-vamped the design of our site.
The main difference is that there are no longer any Google advertisements, which we think will improve our readers experience.
We will be tweaking things here and there over the coming weeks, so try to bear with us as these changes take place. All the changes are aimed at making the website as good as it can be for our readers, so we welcome any suggestions or comments - feel free to post them underneath this article.
Thank you,
The Team


Sep152011 Exceeds Two Million Views

gold prices two million views 16 sep 2011.JPG

As you can see from the above table we have now had just over two million views, according to Feedburner. So we thought that it would be appropriate to say thanks two million times, for all your support and the time that you have taken to add your own comments to our posts.

Please keep the comments coming as both the small team here and our readership find them extremely useful, informative and enjoyable.

Our very best wishes go to you all.

HSBC lifts gold price forecast to $2,025

arab news logo 16 sep 2011.JPG

LONDON: HSBC and metals consultancy GFMS both said they see gold rising above $2,000 an ounce, citing high government debt levels and instability in the currency markets, even as spot prices slipped back below the $1,800 mark.

HSBC lifted its 2012 gold price forecast to $2,025 an ounce from $1,625 previously, while GFMS said it could “easily” see gold spiking through $2,000 an ounce by the end of this year


Gold has been trading choppily in a broad range since the Swiss National Bank said it would take steps to tackle the Swiss franc’s strength versus the euro, unsettling financial markets. It fell as much as 2 percent on Thursday

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Markets at a Glance

In this mornings mail box we received this take on the gold, especially the gold stocks entitled 'Gold Stocks: Ready, Set,… ' written by Eric Sprott & David Baker. This is a superb piece in our humble opinion and well worth a few minutes of your time. Also you can receive the very same updates from Sprott Asset Management simply by following this link and entering your email address, please click here.

What follows is an except from their assessment

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The Madness Continues

cartoon of growing debt 14 sep 2011.JPG

The cartoon and the text is courtesy of Jim Sinclairs site,, as they say every picture tells a story


Meanwhile the madness continues. The Western world debt problem has no practical solution. There is no re-jigging of the currency union that is going to bring peace and quiet to a world overspent and over burdened with debt. What can the Secretary of the US Treasury offer to Europe? What can Europe do for itself? All the problems that we have spoken about over these many years have come home to roost.

Gold is chopping hard here but that is what has been anticipated. This action consolidates the market gains we have witnessed, giving basis for a move in the $2000 range

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Will China Buy Italian Bonds

TOKYO—The euro was almost unchanged against the dollar and yen in Asia on Tuesday as investors paid close attention to whether China will provide temporary relief to the European sovereign-debt problem by buying Italian bonds.

A Wall Street Journal report said on Monday that Italy's Finance Ministry has held talks with China's sovereign-wealth fund and other Chinese officials in a bid to persuade Beijing to buy large amounts of Italian bonds, citing people familiar with the matter

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Gold Mining Stocks: Is this the Breakout

HUI Chart 12 Sep 2011.JPG

When this bull market in precious metals began the mining stocks outperformed the metals, at least for the first few years and they delivered some very nice returns to us all. The last few years they have performed poorly and not only have they not outperformed the metals, many stocks have failed to keep pace with gold and silver, So, are we now seeing a major sea change in the outlook for mining stocks?

We kick off with a quick look at the above chart where we can see that the long overdue breakout of the mining stocks has finally arrived with this move to 628.34 on the HUI Index

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Morgan Stanley Releases The Definitive Gold Stocks Report

The following is an excerpt from an article which can be found on where they have a report summary plus the whole 79 page Morgan Stanley report for your bedtime reading.

Zero hedge 27 April 2011.JPG

Everything you always wanted to know about the future of gold stocks and much more is now answered in this 79 page monster of a report just released by Morgan Stanley, which finally joins the crowd and goes megabullish on gold stocks, by estimating that "currently c.$1500/oz of value is accounted for in reserves in the ground – so, at a $1800-1900/oz gold price, this leaves $400-500/oz for stakeholders, of which shareholders come last (after debt servicing and tax/royalties)

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Gold Stocks Prognosis: Catalyst, Please

By Jeff Clark, BIG GOLD

It’s probably the #1 question on every gold investor’s mind right now: Why are gold stocks underperforming gold? Aren’t they supposed to bring us leverage to the gold price?

Yes, they are, and their performance been both disappointing and puzzling. There are some exceptions, to be sure, but in the majority of cases the stocks are lagging the metal. And it’s been happening for most of the year. What’s going on?

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David Galland: The System Is Coming Unglued

Our video host Stefan Molyneux speaks with Casey Research Managing Director David Galland about the debt situation in the US and whether the federal government can do anything about it… assuming they’d even want to.

[Are you prepared to face the coming debt storm? Learn more about it, including how to protect yourself and your assets, by joining us for a free online event. The American Debt Crisis will be held September 14 at 2 p.m. EDT. Sign up today.]

David Galland - We're Living in a Degraded Democracy

Stefan: Hi everybody, it’s Stefan Molyneux, host of Conversations with Casey. I have on the line David Galland. Thank you so much,
David, for taking the time to chat today.

David: Nice to be here.

Stefan: So, we are seven-tenths of the way towards fascism in the United States. I wonder if you could expand upon that. I sort of get a sense that that’s probably true, but you have a little bit more than my gut instinct – you actually have some pretty professional opinions to work with on that.


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