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Gold Stocks Prognosis: Catalyst, Please

By Jeff Clark, BIG GOLD

It’s probably the #1 question on every gold investor’s mind right now: Why are gold stocks underperforming gold? Aren’t they supposed to bring us leverage to the gold price?

Yes, they are, and their performance been both disappointing and puzzling. There are some exceptions, to be sure, but in the majority of cases the stocks are lagging the metal. And it’s been happening for most of the year. What’s going on?

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David Galland: The System Is Coming Unglued

Our video host Stefan Molyneux speaks with Casey Research Managing Director David Galland about the debt situation in the US and whether the federal government can do anything about it… assuming they’d even want to.

[Are you prepared to face the coming debt storm? Learn more about it, including how to protect yourself and your assets, by joining us for a free online event. The American Debt Crisis will be held September 14 at 2 p.m. EDT. Sign up today.]

David Galland - We're Living in a Degraded Democracy

Stefan: Hi everybody, it’s Stefan Molyneux, host of Conversations with Casey. I have on the line David Galland. Thank you so much,
David, for taking the time to chat today.

David: Nice to be here.

Stefan: So, we are seven-tenths of the way towards fascism in the United States. I wonder if you could expand upon that. I sort of get a sense that that’s probably true, but you have a little bit more than my gut instinct – you actually have some pretty professional opinions to work with on that.


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Even our 50 worst Trades still returned 18.61% per Trade, SK OptionTrader

Many firms advertise their biggest gains in order to showcase the advantages of their service. As such, we have analysed our trading record to show the gains that a subscriber would have achieved even if they had only managed to invest in our 50 worst trades.

The result is that SK OptionTrader still provides an average return of 18.61% per trade, with an overall return of 53.41%! That means that even if one were to have invested a $10,000.00 portfolio in our 50 least profitable trades, including our three losses, then that options trading portfolio would now be worth $15,340.52.

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HIGH RIVER GOLD (HRG) - Summary September 6, 2011

HRG Chart 07 sep 2011.JPG

Always appreciated we now have an update from Chris Charlwood who has very kindly sent us this missive updating us on the current state of play over at High River Gold Mines Limited (HRG) which we hope that you find interesting and informative

all numbers in CDN $ except where noted

HRG is an un-hedged gold producer trading on the TSX under the symbol HRG.
HRG’s share price of $1.40 has it trading at 5.2 times cash flow (net of liquid assets). 


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A Raging Case of Bailout Fatigue

By Doug Hornig, Casey Research

I’ve used the term outrage fatigue on numerous occasions in this forum as a way of trying to explain why there has been such a muted outcry from the general population as the tally of financial atrocities committed against American citizens has exploded.

August 22 was just another average day with another average headline that could easily have been ripped from some radical economic watchdog website (liberal or conservative, either one): Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion from Fed.

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Gold Prices: A tiny step towards true price discovery

Gold Coins.JPG

There are some days when we feel like traffic cops, waving our arms as we try to alert you to what we think is both interesting and important in today’s shark invested world of investment. However, we do recommend that you read as widely as possible in order to gain a broad view of the economic landscape and hopefully make investment decisions that are based on a sound footing.

Today is no exception as we bring to your attention this excerpt from King World News (KWN) one of the most informative sites around in our very humble opinion

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Angela Merkel Loses Again

Merkel 05 sep 2011.JPG
What were those thinking?

Things are not looking to bright for the embattled German Chancellor, Angela Merkel as she takes another knock in the regional elections. Its becoming hard to see how she can remain in office with European finances being in such a mess and the German workers expected to foot the bill.

The Social Democrats, Germany’s main opposition party, took 36.1 percent to win yesterday’s election in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, while Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union had 23.3 percent, ZDF television projections showed. The result in the eastern state where Merkel’s election district is located means her national coalition has been defeated or lost votes in all six German state elections so far this year as voters resist her bid to prevent a euro-region breakup by putting more taxpayer money on the line for bailouts.

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Money: How to Get It and Keep It

money 03 sep 2011.JPG

By Doug Casey, Casey Research

Even if you are already wealthy, some thought on this topic is worthwhile. What would you do if some act of God or of government, a catastrophic lawsuit or a really serious misjudgment took you back to Square One? One thing about a real depression is that everybody loses. As Richard Russell has quipped, the winners are those who lose the least. And as far as I’m concerned, the Greater Depression is looming, not just another cyclical downturn. You may find that, although you’re far ahead of your neighbors (you own precious metals, you’ve diversified internationally and you don’t believe much of what you hear from official sources), you’re still not as prepared as you’d like.

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Tracking Gold

GLD Logo 25 February 2010.JPG

Recently, we’ve received a number of emails from readers asking why the primary gold ETF, SPDR Gold Trust (NYSE:GLD), doesn’t more closely track the price of gold, and other related questions. For those readers who aren’t already familiar with the workings of this innovative way to “own gold,” it’s worth going over a few of the details, because there are some common misunderstandings regarding the ETF.

The creators of GLD were as savvy as it gets.

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International Monetary Fund: Central Banks still acquiring Gold


Good Day Team,

First up is a plug for a site called just for those who may not know of its existence. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, CMI Gold & Silver Inc. is one of the oldest gold and silver dealers in the United States and has played a major role in introducing investors to the gold and silver markets. Although domiciled in Phoenix, Arizona, CMIGS buys and sells gold and silver with investors across the United States.

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