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Democrats poised for US election gains


Well that’s what is being reported in the International Herald Tribune. They also add that these elections will cost about $2.6 billion, money mainly spent on TV advertising campaigns.

Worth a quick read: The International Herald Triune: Americas

05 November 2006

SILVERADO: Adds another 11% on Friday


On the 30th October 2006 we reported that we might just be in for a pleasant surprise! Wow! This gold mining stock has rocketed up the chart.

We wrote about Silverado getting closer to the Mother Lode on the Nolan Heights just a week ago and then a buying frenzy started. We have to say that we were not amongst the buyers as we are already in position on this one. So we had no effect on the price but others have certainly pilled in.


Is the buying spree over? We do not think so. Why?

Well the Market Capitalisation for this company is around $49.0 million.

Silverado have invested more than $40.0 million into the Nolan Heights project.

The have a round $1.0 million or so in gold

All of the drainage channels that they have explored have contained gold.

This is a famous gold mining area.

The scientific indications are that they could be close to a major discovery.

(They also have the green fuel side of the business, which if the Democrats get in could see alternative forms of fuel in a brighter light.)

There are many companies out there with not much more than a nice address in Vancouver and a few ideas. Some of these companies are selling at large premiums when compared to their assets. Where as Silverado has something going for it and that’s why we are investors.

On the downside they may never find anything, but that applies to a lot of gold mining ventures. The average volume for the last 10 days is 3.3 million shares traded, on Friday 7.1 million shares changed hands. So the stock price could come back when the volume drops, we will wait and see.

Go gently as always, but at 8 cents a share it is still a bargain in our very humble opinion.

05 November 2006


KINROSS GOLD CORP: Decent set of results

“It's not about big, it's about smart and better margins," a quote from CEO Burt.

Kinross has just posted good third quarter results more or less in line with analysts’ expectations.

Net income of just over US$50.0 million, which equates to US$0.14 per share compared to a net loss of US$44.4 million or US$0.13 per share in same quarter a year ago.

Kinross also stated that it intends to concentrate on organic growth rather than hit the acquisitions trail, a sentiment that we agree with.

Kinross trades as KGC on NYSE

03 November 2006


Thought that you might sleep a little better on the latest news from Silverado Gold Mines, which is currently trading up 17.86%. TODAY!

Hold on to your dreams.

02 November 2006


We are holding in anticipation of more exciting news to come in the near future.

Silverado trades as SLGLF: OTC BB so take a look if you fancy a flutter that is an outsider in the precious metals race for the next big find.

02 November 2006

GOLD: You wont see $600.0 again!

Gold has now broken through its 200-Day Moving Average on the upside.


So, the question is “Are you in position? Have you bought the gold stocks that you have been watching for such a long time?

Do it now. Don’t wait; you will not see $600.0 again!

01 November 2006

Silverado Gold Mines: Getting closer to the Mother Lode?

Silverado Gold Mines Limited has announced early this morning some rather interesting results. It would appear that their latest discoveries indicate the close proximity of a potentially large and rich lode gold deposit.

Evidence suggests that such a deposit at the company's Nolan Placer Gold Mine, Alaska, could be closer and richer then many sceptics first thought.

To quote the CEO:

"We've remained at the Nolan property and all indications are that we will be rewarded for our persistence with the discovery of the source of Nolan's treasures.” Boys own adventure stuff this!

The company went on to say that they will continue drilling intermittently for placer and lode gold samples to find the source of these exceptionally large, high-grade nuggets.

You can almost smell how close they are.

Hold and be patient we just might be in for a pleasant surprise.

30 October 2006


Some analysts want to avoid this stock! Not us we have to say, we are still big supporters of Kinross and intend to stay with them.

Look at the chart and we can see that they are doing very well indeed.


They don’t hedge and must be in the sights of the bigger guns as a prime takeover target. The gold explorers are not making mega gold discoveries, so if a company wants to add more gold it has to go exploring on Bay Street.

Hold and accumulate when we can, that’s us.

30 October 2006

Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited: Great results


Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited announced today third quarter earnings of $45.2 million, or $0.38 per share.

Earnings in the first nine months of 2006 were a record of $119.5 million, or $1.05 per share. This is more than four times the $25.3 million, or $0.29 per share, recorded in the same period last year.

Don’t you just love it when they report that total cash costs at La Ronde are minus $709 per ounce for gold! Well, we do.

26 October 2006

USD: A managed downward trend?


No-one likes ripples at election time so don’t expect the mighty dollar to fall any time soon.


However once these elections are behind us the Feds will have other worries to struggle with.

The green back will still be managed down in an orderly fashion so don’t go shorting it like there is no tomorrow. But drop it will, as there is no other way to dilute the value of the dollar wealth held in foreign lands.

Get into position with your own precious metal investments and sit tight.

The year-end is going to be colourful for gold stocks in our humble opinion.

23 October 2006