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GOLDEN STAR RESOURCES LTD (GSS: AMEX): Up 13.76% since we bought in July.

GSS has been through a rocky August (excuse the pun) but still continues to respond to higher gold prices.

We bought at $2.98 and as of today it is trading at $3.39, an increase in price of 13.76%, which in 2 months is satisfying for us. Our strategy of buying through out the quiet summer is certainly paying off handsomely for us. The price, in our opinion has been driven up by savvy investors doing the same as us, buying in anticipation of the fall rally.

We are sticking to our predictions for gold to hit the roof by January 2007. If you are not fully loaded then please be careful as there may not be too many more dips to buy, you may have to buy at the current prices. This does not worry us in the least, as the fireworks in gold mining stocks have not yet begun. This gold bull market will generate the biggest and best after dinner stories in the history of gossip.

06 September 2006

THE FREE GOLD PORTFOLIO: Update 05 September 2006

Despite being up by 12% in 2 months our portfolio contains 3 laggards and they are Silverado Gold Mines Limited, US Gold Corporation and Taseko Mines Limited.

As a strategy we are trying to invest in stocks that we believe have a good probability of doubling in the near term. Our portfolio has gained in value by 12% in only 2 months so we are fairly happy with the progress made to date. When attempting to achieve this sort of success we know that the additional risk will lead to some hairy times. For the 3 stocks mentioned above this is one of those periods. So lets look at them on an individual basis:

Silverado: (SLGLF)

This gold miner come green fuel company has stated that there will be an important announcement, hopefully this month that we bring good cheer to those of us who are holding and watching for the moment. Silverado is currently running a competition to win a gold nugget, which is all well and good, but it is no substitute for good news. We will continue to hold for the near term to give them time to deliver their good news. From a chartist standpoint this stock does appear to be consolidating around the 6-cent level so it may be a buying opportunity. As investors we have bought twice, at 8 cents and 6 cents so we will not be committing any more of our funds just yet.

U.S. Gold Corporation
: (USGL)

Rob McEwen, Chairman and CEO of U.S. Gold Corporation have just issued an open letter to all of his shareholders, which is very positive and we are pleased to read it. The stock also looks to have completed its nose drive down the charts so we are hopeful that this is turn around time. On the negative side we wonder if Rob who is the biggest individual share holder in Gold Corp might be a little distracted by Gold Corps takeover of Glamis. For now we will continue to hold.

Taseko Mines Limited: (TGB)

Apart from the results hassle that we have already covered we are confident that this copper stock is destined to go a lot higher. Again we will continue to hold.

The only FREE GOLD PORTFOLIO on the web that we are aware of.

If you have any comments please fire them in as your comments will be of benefit to our readership.

06 September 2006

GOLD CORP: The Glamis takeover, don’t bank on it.

Market Consolidation for gold mining companies has been coming for some time and this type of takeover is to be expected, but will it happen?

If you are a stockholder of Glamis then its champagne time, but if you are a stockholder in Gold Corp (GG) then the day does not look so bright.

This move has been described as one expensive company buying another expensive company. We could say that it is early days for this transaction and we might get a Barrick or a Newmont joining the fray with yet a bigger offer. My money says that won’t happen and if it doesn’t we have to question the price being paid by Gold Corp.

If I were a holder of Gold Corp then I would want to be able to vote on this move and not be dictated to by board. On the other hand if we owned Glamis we would cash in and run with our glamorous profits while they are there to be taken.

Time will reveal all to us.

On the subject of takeovers we think that we will see a lot more action and we expect at least two of our stocks to be in the thick of it. They are Agnico-Eagle Mines and Kinross Gold Mines. If you have them in your portfolio you might want to hang on for a piece of hostile Merger and Acquisition activity coming to a screen near you shortly.

05 September 2006

SPREAD BETTING: A gamble on Gold

Our research into gold, gold price movements, gold charts, and gold fundamentals sometimes uncovers an opportunity for a small bet on gold. Yesterday produced one such opportunity to gamble on gold.

You must bear in mind that this is not an investment, it is straight out gambling, and you should treat it as you would a racehorse. Anything can happen to prevent your golden horse from winning.

As it was Labour Day and everyone was asleep we decided to place the following bet:

Using IG Index in the UK we placed our money through a ‘Controlled Risk Bet’ i.e. a bet of the futures market but limiting our loses should things go wrong.

We placed £10 per point on December gold with a 50-point limit. The maximum that we can lose is £10.0 x 50 = £500. So, the downside is that we could lose the lot if gold doesn’t perform.

The spot price of gold yesterday was $626 and the December price was $636, so we need to be above $636 by the last trading day, which is the Friday of the 3rd week in November 2006. Don’t think that a bet on December gold means expiry in December it doesn’t. Our 50-point limit means that if gold falls to $586 then we will be stopped out.

Our strategy is close the bet when gold gains $50 to reach $686. Yes, of course we believe that is achievable.

Our strategy is to try and double our stake on this one.

As usual don’t go too mad on it, as we are predicting a volatile period between now and January 2007 for gold.

05 September 2006

GOLD: A tidal wave of Media Coverage


One of the aspects that influence the gold price movement is the media coverage that gold receives. We are now entering a media blitz on gold, which will generate attention like never seen before.

We have had a fairly quiet summer with not a lot to talk about, thin trade, and vacations, et al. But, just take a look at what is coming up in terms of events on the financial calendar:

Hard Asset Investment Conference - Las Vegas, Nevada -Sep.6, 7

This conference will kick off the season and really set the tone for the coming “fall” activity. Why? Well just take a look at the line up; it’s the who’s who of the precious metals industry. With names like:
James Dines, a legend in the precious metals market. Peter Grandich, James Turk and Lawrence Roulston, all on the same bill. These people have incredible influence and can sway the market with just a few words. I wonder who will be the most outrageous (or courageous) in terms of their forecasts? Will any of them say:

Gold $1000 per ounce by mid January 2007
Silver $20 per ounce by mid January 2007
Uranium $70 per once by mid January 2007.

Because that’s what we think here at!

The Silver Summit - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - Sept. 21,22

Some of the speakers here will include representatives from Hecla Mining and Pan-American Silver. Analysts, including David Morgan, Jason Hommel, Patricia M. Mohr, John Embry, and Bernard von NotHaus will be adding their weight to the conference.

Other conferences follow which add to the impact already made, continuing to build the momentum. These include but are not limited to:

Global Chinese Financial Forum - Toronto, Ontario - Sept. 23

The 2006 Toronto Resource Investment Conference - Toronto, Ontario - Sept. 24, 25

There are also Conferences in South Africa, London, Newfoundland, Beijing, China, Sydney, Australia and so on.

This news media blitz will get the precious metals story onto everyone’s lips. By January 2007 we will be looking at a very different picture indeed.

Follow your favourite analysts and invest in their recommendations or follow us the only free investment portfolio on the web that we are aware of.

Good luck.

02 September 2006

MSN READERSHIP NO 1: Thanks for your support

MSN READERSHIP NO 1: Thanks for your support is currently ranked No1 out of 24,046,575 when searching for “gold prices” on MSN.

Due to your support has managed to rank above such illustrious websites as Kitco, The Bullion Desk and The World Gold Council.

Please accept our biggest thanks for your support and our very best wishes for the raging bull market in gold that has just begun.

01 September 2006

KINROSS GOLD CORP (KGC: NYSE): Up 35% in 2 months

KINROSS GOLD CORP (KGC: NYSE): Up 35% in 2 months


We bought Kinross Gold on 23 June for $10.08 it is now $13.61 a fantastic run to gain 35.02% in just 2 months. The question is what to do now?

Decisions, decisions, but what a smashing position to be in. Do we stick or do we turn? Lets have a look:

From the chart below we can see the that the stock price has bounced off the 200 day moving average and put in a terrific run to present us with a handsome profit. There is now clear blue sky between the stock price and the 200-day moving average, a rise that we have enjoyed enormously. However, at this point, with such a good gain, we could cash in and take some money off the table. Who could blame us for taking such an action to lock in our profit?

After all the RSI is close to 70 and the MACD is up there too. The stockastics are also in the Sell zone.


On the other hand when we were researching this gold mining stock we came to the conclusion that as an investment Kinross Gold Corporation is capable of doubling its stock price from the $10.0 level to $20.0 or thereabouts and that is why we made this investment. Should gold move higher as we are predicting, then this gold miner will be a sort after stock.

So the choice is yours, take a quick profit and move on to the sidelines. Another entry level may well present itself to you enabling you to reinvest at cheaper gold prices.

We have discussed it, argued, roll played it, analysed it, etc, and decided to stay with it. This may mean enduring a short-term pull back and a fair amount of turbulence, but that is the nature of the beast.

Good luck if you decide to sell now; it’s your money after all.

27 August 2006

GOLD: Can you feel the pulse?

Gold prices are now at the starting line waiting for the signal to sprint the next $100 to $725 before we can say Jolly Hockey sticks.

Thin trade as the holiday period draws to a close. The Indian harvest season is all but done and the weddings are ready to roll. High rollers turn their minds to where the next million is coming from as they prepare to return to their desks. The dollar hangs on the ropes hoping for breather.

The stage is set.

Is your hard earned cash invested in the most precious of all precious metals? Are you waiting for the next dip? Are you waiting for a higher price before dumping those donkey stocks that were yesterdays story?

Don’t wait any longer savvy investors have been using this calm period to invest in good gold mining companies.

Our own portfolio is still 8% up despite a few of our cavalier selections dragging their pick axes through the sand. Kinross for instance is up 35% since we bought it. Come December and January 2007, which is not far away, we will be wishing we had the balls of steel required to hit it harder than we have.

Even so, we don’t go along with 5% to 10% of an investment should be in gold. All of our investments are in mining stocks, either gold or silver or Uranium. Our silver website is and our uranium website is so we have a little diversity but we do believe that this upcoming bull run is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Don’t miss it. Buy your favourite precious metals mining stocks now.

This chart is a bit of tease but then again what do you expect from a mistress of quality?

In our opinion gold is steadying itself before making a break for higher ground, the next few weeks will be fascinating.

26 August 2006


Buy this dip we said on 12 August 2006 and TGB is now up 12.7% in 5 days. The chart below shows our Buy and Sell actions.


As you well know we are fans and holders of this stock for a long-term gain. However, in this holiday period we spotted a great opportunity for a short-term gain and made a small investment on Monday morning as we said we would in last Fridays article entitled TASEKO MINES LTD (TGB): Buy this Dip.

This move was a bit of a gamble in terms of investment and is not our usual investment style. Anyway we caught the bounce that we had predicted as TGB started to recover from its sell off.

As a bet it has worked out well and we have closed our position and taken a 12.5% win in 5 days. Why? Because that was the plan and we are sticking to it. Our major holding remains in position for the longer term and these “winnings” will remain on hand to be used when the next opportunity presents itself.

For those of you who are still in there, you now have a choice: cash up and go or hold on for a bigger pay day, only you can make that decision based on your particular outlook and circumstances. Good luck if you are intent on letting it run we think that you will do well but as we said our aim was to make a short term gain. Objective achieved.

Returning from our little deviation we will just refresh ourselves regarding Taseko.
This copper miner has a Market Capitalisation of $257 million and a P/E ration of 8.3. There are many miners out there trading at massive P/E ratios so this investment opportunity still looks good to us and we will continue to acquire as and when our cash situation permits.

For progress reporting purposes we will continue to report against our original recommendation, as we believe that this is the correct and fair thing to do.

19 August 2006

Useful websites.

Useful websites.

We have listed some of the websites that we find very informative and strongly recommend that you visit them as part of your due diligence before investing your hard earned cash into the precious metals market.

This directory lists the websites covering:

1. Stock exchanges where gold and gold mining shares are traded.

2. Gold mining companies that interest us and may be of interest to you.

3. Useful reference points

4. Miscellaneous websites that we often visit.

Stock Exchanges:

The Toronto Stock Exchange WEB:
This exchange probably has the largest number of gold mining companies of any exchange.

The New York Stock Exchange WEB:
Commonly known as the big board, an exchange for the larger more established miners.

A number of mid stocks and smaller companies can be found here.

The American Stock Exchange WEB:
A number of mid stocks and smaller companies can be found here.

The London Stock Exchange WEB:
Probably the biggest exchange for the trading of physical gold in the world.

The Aim Stock Exchange WEB
A London exchange used as an entry platform for new ventures similar to the Venture exchange in Toronto.

New York Mercantile Exchange Comex Division WEB:
This is the world's largest physical commodity futures exchange and trading forum for energy and precious metals.

Shanghai Gold Exchange WEB:
A very busy Chinese exchange that is destined to grow.

Tokyo Commodity Exchange WEB:
The Tokyo Commodity Exchange for gold, options and derivatives.

Mining companies that have interesting websites:
We may or may not hold these stocks at any given time.
This is one of our favourites and a permanent fixture in our portfolio.
This is a smaller gold miner with a promising future.
This is a well-managed gold mining company with a great future.
Bema Corporation has recently listed on the NYSE.
This company is in the main a silver producer with the added kicker of some gold production.
This company is mining gold in Alaska and also has an interesting green fuel play.
This is a relatively new mining company in which the legendary Rob McEwen has a major stake.
This is not a gold play but a Copper play that we think is worth some consideration.
This one is a real heavy weight if you like that sort of investment.
This company has hedged a lot of its production so at the moment it does not fit into our investment criteria.

The Hunter Dickinson group WEB:
This group has a small stable of mining companies that usually do very well, worth a look.

Websites that contain useful information.

The World Gold Council WEB:
A mine of information and one of the world’s authorities on gold.

Australian Gold Council WEB:
The Minerals Council of Australia is now carrying out the functions of the Australian Gold Council.

American Gold WEB:
This organisation specialises in hard assets such as gold coins.

British Jewellers' Association WEB:
The British Jewellers’ Association is the national trade association responsible for the promotion and growth of UK jewellery

Chamber of Mines of South Africa WEB:
This Association provides news and data for the South African Mining Industry.

e-bullion WEB:
This organisation provides an electronic bullion service.

The Gold Anti Trust Action Group WEB:
The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee was formed to advocate and undertake litigation against illegal collusion to control the price and supply of gold

Gold Fields Mineral Services Ltd. WEB:
This is a precious metals research consultancy.

Gold-Eagle WEB:
Contains information and a forum.

Kitco Inc: WEB:
This is probably the most visited precious metals website that there is. It also provides a platform for some of the industries most respected commentators.

The Privateer WEB:
The Privateer contains gold quotes, data and historical articles.

N M Rothschild & Sons WEB:
Rothschild provides advice and global client services

Royal Canadian Mint WEB:
A place to go shopping when you can’t think of anything else to do. WEB:
Provides prices, charts and articles.

Tokyo Commodity Exchange WEB:
You can trade most commodities, futures and options here.

Utilise gold WEB:
Not so much an investment website but useful to industrial engineers, designers, researchers and scientists who are interested in the technical properties of gold and its uses.

Miscellaneous Websites:

Etrade WEB:
This is an online banking and share-trading platform, useful for those who want to do their own thing.

Report on Business WEB:
This is one of the best business programmes on television. If you don’t live in Canada and can’t see it live then you can view all of their shows on the web in your own time. They do manage to interview the shakers and movers involved with the precious market.

Stanley Hunt TV interviews WEB:
Stanley Hunt also provides televised interviews with the top executives in the mining industry. The show also features some of the newer exploration and development stocks that have a story to tell.

Silver portfolio WEB:
This is our sister website, it provides free research and publishes its own portfolio. They do have a newsletter, which is also free so why not sign up if silver is the metal of your choice.

Uranium Portfolio WEB:
This is another of our sister websites (we only have three) again it deals with uranium stocks and is free.

TV and radio WEB:
A popular website of constant rolling news items.

No doubt will update this list from time to time but we hope that you find it of interest in the meantime.

17 August 2006