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Charles Oliver: Gold to 5,000 within a few Years

Charles Oliver joined Sprott Asset Management LP in January 2008. He focuses on gold and silver investments as a portfolio manager for the Sprott Gold & Precious Minerals Fund and the Silver Equities Class.

When I spoke to Mr. Oliver last summer, he said the weakness in the gold price in the face of unprecedented money printing from the Fed had taken him by surprise.

Have we passed a decisive point since then? Is gold heading up?

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France – Leading the Way to the Demise of the West – The First to Fall


Is the sun setting on France? France is the next major country to collapse in the Sovereign Debt Crisis. About 50% of the youth just want to get out. The French Elite are the most Marxist in the world – after all, the entire idea of “Communism” came from France and the the French elite sold

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Fragile gold prices swing Goldplat to H1 loss

JOHANNESBURG ( – Weakened gold prices in the latter half of 2013 dampened London-listed gold miner Goldplat’s first-half results, swinging the company to an operating loss of £694 000 for the six months ended December 31, from a profit of £2.05-million for the first half of the prior fiscal year.

“This has been a difficult period for the company

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Why Gold Looks Better than the S&P: Marc Faber, PhD

“When I look at asset prices; real estate, bonds, equities, vintage cars… I think that gold is actually one of the few assets that is relatively cheap, relatively inexpensive.”

Marc Faber, author of the Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report, and a Director of Sprott Inc. shared his most recent views during a recent visit to our offices… In particular, he’s seeing cracks in the broad stock market become apparent:

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Owning Gold as a Hedge

Dear Reader,

You may have noticed that we have added some young blood to our team, Tekoa Da Silva, publisher of Bull Market Thinking. His role is to extract the best insights from within Sprott and share these with you. Read his latest contribution here.

Today’s piece comes from long-time friend Bill Bonner. Paper currencies, such as the Yen, the Peso, or the Dollar, have existed for centuries. And they have always ended up worthless.

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Russia Wants IMF to Propose Solutions not USA for Ukraine – Here Comes World War III

Posted on March 6, 2014 by 

The confrontation between the USA and Russia over Ukraine is turning into a pissing match. Russia wants the IMF to do the reforms without the USA sources. While this is a political blow, it is a stupid move for the IMF is a total disaster. Yet then again, Russia may be banking on the fact that the IMF has NEVER gotten anything right yet. The crazytax’em-till-they-drop instigated by the French political-elites that control the IMF these days will surely ruin Ukraine

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James Turk: A Historic Event Has Taken Place In The Gold Market

With continuing tensions in Ukraine, today James Turk spoke with King World News what is happening around the world, including a historic event in the gold market.  Turk also compared the manipulation taking place in the gold market to what happened when the manipulators of the British pound were taken down by Soros.

Turk:  As important as the Ukraine is to propel the price of gold higher, last week there was an even more important development. 

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Should You Invest in the Marijuana Boom?

Should You Invest in the Marijuana Boom?

By Dan Steinhart, Managing Editor, The Casey Report

I was planning to explore the investment landscape of the burgeoning marijuana industry today, but it looks like the party’s already over.

Appearing before the Maryland Legislature, Annapolis Police Chief Michael Pristoop testified that 37 people died in Colorado on the first day of legalization from overdosing on marijuana.

What a damn shame. With morbid stats like that, the government can’t possibly allow the legalization trend to proceed any further. People’s lives are at stake!

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3 things every gold investor should know

Gold mining companies still have a long way to go to recover from the significant falls of 2013.Newcrest Mining Limited (ASX: NCM) shares for example are still down 50% on 12 months ago, while shares in Kingsgate Consolidated Limited (ASX: KCN) and Silver Lake Resources Limited (ASX: SLR) are down 65% and 72% respectively, according to The Motley Fool.

However before jumping in and buying shares in gold miners, here are three things every gold investor should know:

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The Gold Question – Luck v Fate

Posted on February 27, 2014 by 

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I’m a long time reader and great admirer of your efforts.  I recently read an analysts opinion on inflation that I want to share with you.

This analyst maintains that the Fed’s actions to stimulate the economy has done nothing more than fill the pockets of the very bankers that caused the economic troubles in the form of excess reserves sitting at the Fed collecting 0.25%.

Once the economy gathers enough steam to make lending more profitable for the bankers, he thinks the release of those reserves,

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