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“The Matterhorn Interview – May 2014: Nomi Prins”

“Finance is a Power Game”

Podcast interview: 

On behalf of Matterhorn Asset Management / GoldSwitzerland, Lars Schall talked with former senior Wall Street banker Nomi Prins about her latest book, “All the Presidents’ Bankers.“

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European elections 2014: Would coming second be a disappointment for UKIP?

For the three main party leaders, the stakes in next week's European elections are very high. The spectacular rise of the fourth man in British politics, Nigel Farage, makes their task even harder, and the results less predictable.

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Eric Sprott: Gold Shortage Coming, Data Shows

Eric Sprott, Founder and Chairman of Sprott Asset Management, said recently that he expects a “significant re-rating of the gold price” due to high physical demand from China and India, coupled with a gold supply shortfall. The effect, which he calls the “Chinese Gold Vortex,” is rapidly taking physical gold from West to East. When the West runs out of gold, the price should go much higher, he believes. I recently spoke with him on the phone about his near-term views.

Hello Eric, what do you see happening today in the metals markets?

Eric Sprott: I am very excited about developments in the gold and silver markets today. I have been speculating since late 2012 that

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Gold price likely to moderate in medium term

While gold had a tremendous run in the last few years, fuelled by turbulence in the global economy, prices are likely to moderate in the medium term with an improving economic environment, experts said.

Nilesh Gupta, Chairman, Administrative Committee, India Bullion & Jewellery Association (IBJA) felt that there was an overall bearish mood about gold “on the part of the trading fraternity given the developments over several months in India,

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German Municipalities In Crisis

Posted by 

I have warned that about 50% of the German municipalities are on the verge of bankruptcy. The pensions have been unfunded and are absorbing everything. As we saw in Detroit with more than 50% of current revenue going to pensions, taxes either rise, the borrow more, or they are out of business. We are in a giant bull market for taxes increases on every level.

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Gold Bulls Bet Wrong for Second Week on Fed Easing

Gold speculators misjudged prices for a second consecutive week as the prospect of less stimulus from the Federal Reserve pushed futures lower.

Money managers raised their net-long position by the most since February in the week ended May 6. The next day, prices fell the most three weeks after Fed Chair Janet Yellen said the U.S. central bank’s four cuts in monthly bond purchases since November were “appropriate” because there is “sufficient underlying strength” in the domestic economy.

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May082014 Stock Trader Update 08 May  2014

This is just a quick note to let you know how our new venture, 'Stock Trader' has been doing. As we wrote recently;

 “our strategy is to keep our gun powder dry until we get either a serious spike down or signs that this bear phase has run its course and is now exhausted. We are looking forward with great excitement for this bull to resume its trek north. We have short listed a number of stocks which we expect to rise in multiples of the gold and silver price rise. This list is constantly being honed in an attempt to select only those stocks with the greatest likelihood of success.” 

We realize that retaining the lions share of our funds

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The US Dollar dipped below the ‘70’ Level briefly today

Just in case you missed this the US Dollar did dip momentarily below the ‘79’ level on the US Dollar Index. The dollar then rebounded to trade at 79.44. This is something to keep an eye on along with the progress of the Euro which forms a large part of this basket of currencies.

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Yellen comments boost U.S. stocks; gold falls


(Reuters) - U.S. stocks mostly rose on Wednesday, adding to their gains in late trading after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen indicated continued central bank support for the U.S. economy, while stocks in other regions were flat.

Many other markets closed before the acceleration in U.S. gains. Equities were volatile throughout the day,

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Gold Prices: The Coming End To This Bear Phase


It’s been almost 30 months since the gold bull hit the dizzy heights of $1900/oz back in August 2011, sending many of us into raptures. However, it has been a very different story since then with gold slipping to a low of $1180/oz in June 2013 before bouncing higher to almost touch the $1400/oz level. Fast forward to today and we have gold trading at around $1310/oz level, having tested the June bottom around Christmas time 2013. Many believe that the bottom is now in and the bull has resumed charge, with the bears being exhausted. We would like to agree with them but we are still of the opinion that a challenge to the June lows could still lie ahead of us.


Gold prices are presently being

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