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Billionaire Eric Sprott Warns This Could Turn Into Armageddon For The Gold Shorts

Eric Sprott

Eric Sprott:  “In the bond market you have the two biggest buyers of bonds, China and OPEC, now are sellers of bonds. 

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Fed Makes Same Mistake as it did in 1927

Posted on September 17, 2015 by 


The Federal Reserve yielded to international pressure

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Jim Rogers on Timeless Investing Strategies You Can Use to Profit Today

Jim Rogers on Timeless Investing Strategies You Can Use to Profit Today

By Nick Giambruno

Recently I spoke with Jim Rogers about the most important investment lessons he has learned over the years.

Jim is a legendary investor and true international man. He’s always ahead of the game. Jim made a bundle by investing in commodities in the 1990s when they were out of favor with Wall Street. He’s also made large profits investing in crisis markets.

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Gold Miners await The Janet

This is a real tough time for the gold miners as they wait for the Federal Reserve to make a decision regarding a rate hike. As the above chart shows the miners have been battered over

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Pay Your Fair Share (to the Teachers’ Union)

Pay Your Fair Share (to the Teachers’ Union)

By Justin Spittler

Taxpayers take note…you could get a much bigger tax bill than you expect.

The California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) recently announced that it may move 12% of its assets, or $20 billion, out of stocks and bonds.

CalSTRS is the second-largest public pension fund in the U.S. It manages roughly $191 billion for 868,000 teachers in California.

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Gold’s Fate in the Hands of The Janet


US Monetary policy has played its part and had an impact on many aspects of the financial markets including the precious metals sector. We have been through a period of Quantitative Easing whereby trillions of dollars were printed in an attempt to boost the economy after the great financial crash of 2008. The markets were then weaned off the money supply through a strategy known as tapering which gently brought about the end of money printing. Over this period gold prices have had a roller coaster ride reaching a new all-time high of around $1900/oz before falling back to the current level of around $1106/oz.


The investment landscape is now in a state of flux as we await, as we do every month,

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The Most Important Geopolitical Trend of the Next Decade…Here’s How to Profit

The Most Important Geopolitical Trend of the Next Decade…Here’s How to Profit

By Nick Giambruno

The bloodbath was merciless.

In 1842, 16,500 British soldiers and civilians withdrew from Kabul, Afghanistan. Only one would survive.

It was the most humiliating military disaster in British history. The death toll sealed Afghanistan’s reputation as “the graveyard of empires.”

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The Icahn bottom

Carl Icahn’s move into Freeport-McMoRan puts the shine on the mining sector as a bottom-fishing opportunity. It’s a theme that’s done the Internet and media rounds. Indeed, it’s hard not to cast the impending activism on Freeport as such a sign. That is, a sign of a savvy investor locating prey in a suffering sector.

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How to Make Sure the Government Can’t Freeze Your Bank Account

How to Make Sure the Government Can’t Freeze Your Bank Account

By Justin Spittler

If you wake up tomorrow and your bank account is frozen… what will you do?

You probably remember when the financial crisis in Greece was dominating headlines a few weeks ago.

For years, Greece spent more than it took in. This led to a financial crisis that looked like it might destroy Europe’s financial system.

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Money—How to Get It and Keep It

Money—How to Get It and Keep It

By Doug Casey

Editor's note: Casey Research founder Doug Casey literally wrote the book on profiting during economic turmoil. His book, Crisis Investing, spent multiple weeks as No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list and became the best-selling financial book of 1980. Today, he is one of the most entertaining and controversial newsletter writers in the world.

Doug believes America is headed for a huge financial disaster. In today's weekend Masters Series essay, he shares some of the ways to protect yourself and prosper in an economic crisis. Even if you disagree with Doug, this essay – originally published in June 2012 – will teach you plenty…

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