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ETF rebalancing a bumpy ride for junior gold miners

In an unprecedented move, one of the most popular junior gold miner exchange-traded funds is set to rebalance on Friday after growing too large for its market.

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Theresa May ridiculed by cartoonists across the globe after general election disaster

Jibes come after Prime Minister fails to secure majority in Parliament

Cartoonists around the world have ridiculed Theresa May after an election predicted to be a Tory landslide became a disaster for the party.

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Traders Lose Faith In Fed - Shift Rate-Hike Bets To December

While a June rate-hike is baked in the cake no matter how badly the economic data that The Fed is "dependent" upon collapses, it appears traders are losing faith

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Rick Rule: “I Sleep Better at Night Owning Physical Precious Metals”

Rick Rule

Rule also discusses the gold price, how he picks stocks and why he's no longer a bitcoin owner.

Rick Rule of Sprott US Holdings is a popular figure in the resource sector,

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An Extreme Is Developing That Impacts The Gold Sector

A very interesting extreme is developing in the currency markets that impacts the gold sector…

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BIG NEWS: Gold & Silver Now Treated As Money In Arizona!

By Liberty Report Staff

Undermining the Federal Reserve received a major boost yesterday. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey 
signed into law a bill that eliminates capital gains taxes on gold and silver, thus allowing Arizona residents to use precious metals as currency instead of Federal Reserve notes.

Currency competition against the monopolist Fed is starting to unfold. Let's hope that other states follow in Arizona's heroic footsteps. There's no reason to wait for another severe financial crisis to act. 

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Gold Exports From U.S. To China and India Surge In 2017

Gold Exports From U.S. – Something Big Is Happening


Most Americans didn’t realize it, but something BIG changed in the U.S. gold market in the beginning of 2017.  While precious metals sentiment and buying in the U.S. has dropped off considerably in the first quarter of 2017, the East continues to acquire gold, HAND OVER FIST.

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James Turk – Gold Will Soon Skyrocket Like The Parabolic Bitcoin Chart


Today James Turk told King World News that the price of gold will soon skyrocket like the parabolic Bitcoin chart.

“Currencies Continue To Be Debased”
James Turk: I can’t count the number of times have we seen disheartening downdrafts

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US inflation back to undershooting 2 per cent ahead of FOMC meeting

A note from JP Morgan economists on this morning’s release of the Personal Income and Outlays report for March, in which both the consumption and inflation measures arrived weaker than expected (our bold):

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No More Rate Hikes This Year

The odds of additional interest-rate increases by the end of the year have been falling significantly.  In fact, there is currently a 24% chance that there will be NO MORE rate hikes this year, according to Bloomberg (which uses Fed Funds futures to determine the probabilities).  On April 7th, the odds of no additional hikes this year were only around 10%.  The increased odds of the Fed staying on the sidelines through year-end reflect the following:

  • There continues

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