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Nigel Farage slams EU over Greek economic disaster (13July15)

A five minute interview with Nigel Farage which is spot on in my humble opinion.

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Globally, bond market is biggest bubble right now: Jim Rogers

The first half of 2015 has been eventful for the global financial due to developments in and China. The possibility of an increase in interest rates by the US Federal Reserve has also kept investors on the edge. Commodity prices, especially crude oil, and gold, have also been hit by these developments. Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings and author of Street Smarts:

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There’s Something Else Driving Gold, Not Greece & China - CME Group

Guest(s): Erik Norland Senior Economist, CME Group


Kitco News speaks with CME Group’s senior economist Erik Norland to see how he sees gold and silver set up for the second half of the year.

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First Gold Manipulation, Now Silver? - Lead Researcher In Libor Case

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China equities crash won’t benefit gold

LONDON – There has been a fair amount of speculation, including by ourselves, that the disastrous slump in the Chinese equity markets might prompt investors to switch to gold as a safe haven. Indeed we have seen

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Capital Controls and a Bank Holiday in Greece… Here’s How You Can Profit

apital Controls and a Bank Holiday in Greece… Here’s How You Can Profit

By Nick Giambruno

For the unprepared, it happens like a mugging…

When you hear a central banker or politician deny that something is going to happen to bank depositors, you can almost be certain that it will happen. And probably soon.

Coming from a government official, the real meaning of “No, of course not” is “Could be tomorrow.”

There’s a reason for the dishonesty. The government needs to take the public by surprise. Otherwise they won’t get the results they want from capital controls or a bank holiday.

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This Unknown Market Could Explode on June 30… Possible Triple-Digit Gains Await

This Unknown Market Could Explode on June 30… Possible Triple-Digit Gains Await

By Nick Giambruno

Imagine investing in China just before its economy took off.

Between 1990 and 2000, China’s stock market increased more than 20 times.

Today that kind of opportunity is right in front of you…

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The Economic Alamo

The Economic Alamo

By Jeff Thomas

“And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.” – Luke 2:1, New Testament

“Since the beginning of recorded history, the business of government has been wealth confiscation.” – Ron Holland

It’s a common assumption that governments exist in order to serve the people of a country and that in order to do so, they must be accorded the necessary evils of power and taxation.

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Jun122015 Stock Trader Update 13 May 2015

Apologies for beeing rather quiet of late but I managed to get out of the office and hit the road. The first stop was Dubai were I was able to catch up with a couple of gold traders for an update and now I am in London where Im catching up with some old colleages. I find a face to face chat usually reveils more than the usual methods of communictaion, so we will see how it goes. 

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Here’s What the Next Gold Bull Market Will Look Like

Here's What the Next Gold Bull Market Will Look Like

By Jeff Clark

We measured every bull cycle of gold stocks and found there have been eight distinct upcycles since 1975.

We also discovered something exciting: Only one was less than a double. (A second was 99.9%.)

Even more enticing is that the biggest one—a 601.5% advance in the early 2000s—occurred just after a prolonged bear market.

And our current bear market is longer than that one.

To get a sense for the potential upside, we applied the percentage gain from each of those upcycles to our recommended BIG GOLD picks.

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