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UPDATED: The world's top 10 gold producersUPDATED: The world's top 10 gold producers

Number one Barrick Gold's output drops in 2014, but fellow Canadian firm Agnico Eagle adds 30% to production ounces.

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"This Shorting Opportunity Is As Great As 2007-2009", Billionaire Crispin Odey Warns

The last two times Crispin Odey, billionaire hedge fund owner and manager of Odey Asset Management spoke, he handed out extra generous portions of fire and brimstone, saying that in due course "equities will be devastated" and that the looming recession will be "remembered for 100 years."

While the bulk of Odey's warnings are very familiar to all regular readers, here is the punchline:

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Ask The Expert – Hugo Salinas Price – (February 2015)

Hugo Salinas Price

This interview is well worth listening to in our very humble opinion.

In this exclusive interview, Hugo Salinas Price share his views on precious metals, provides some historical background on gold and silver money, the manipulation of the precious metals markets, the inevitable collapse of the fiat money, and more…

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Man Who Predicted Riots In Athens And Chaos In Markets Now Says World Hurtling Toward Full-Blown Collapse

With news of a so-called deal being reached between Greece and the EU, today the man who saidThere Is No Deal…Riots And Chaos In Athens And Markets On Monday warned King World News that the world is now hurtling toward full-blown collapse. 

Eric King:  "Michael, we've had your piece out Central Planners About To Unleash Economic Hell On Earth.  It's been getting a lot of attention from all over the globe.  It was very unique and I think for some people they related to it because they look around at the invisible hand, which is not so invisible, that is managing the markets,

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Gold slips after Greek bailout agreement

GOLD prices have fallen as a deal between Greece and its creditors took shape, easing worries about the eurozone and driving investors out of the haven metal.

Gold for April delivery, the most actively traded contract, closed down $US2.70, or 0.2 per cent, at $US1,204.90 a troy ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange on Friday. Prices had hit $US1,215.30 an ounce earlier in the session, when a deal appeared less certain.

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A Question About Gold


Posted on February 17, 2015 by 

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I “think” I am finally beginning to grasp some of what you have been preaching, but first allow me to say “thanks” for everything you do to help some of us understand what is unfolding all around us, and “how” everything is connected, and that nothing happens in isolation, again, “thanks” !

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Hedge funds in gold price rethink

On Monday the gold price managed to lift off the month-low hit last week as markets wait for the outcome of debt negotiations in Europe and weigh the possible impact of a Greek exit from the economic bloc's single currency.

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Rick Rule: "We Haven’t Seen Capitulation In Natural Resources Yet"

This might be of interest to you - someone else who would like to see a final capitilation:

During a period of polarizing precious metals and industrial commodity pricing, Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott U.S. Holdings was kind enough to share a few comments—opining on global counterparty risk, resource capital markets, capitulation, and more.

When I asked for his expectation of a final capitulation sell-off in resource markets, Rick noted that, “We came close last October.

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Gold Stocks: This Bear Phase isn’t over yet


This year has started brightly with gold, silver and the miners all posting sharp gains. This sudden move upwards brings with it much jubilation with many believing that the illusive bottom is now in and therefore behind us. One day they will be correct with this synopsis and the precious metals sector will take off generating huge profits for its participants.


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Billionaire Eric Sprott – Gold And Silver Smash & The Greatest Danger In World Markets Today

Today billionaire Eric Sprott spoke with King World News about the greatest danger in world markets today.  This came directly on the heels of the Canadian billionaire issuing one of the most dire predictions of 2015.

Eric Sprott address the greatest danger in world markets today — the fact that they are all rigged by the invisible hand: 

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