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Available for Preorder: Casey Research 2014 Summit Audio

Dear Reader,

A few days ago, Casey Research's 2014 San Antonio Summit concluded.

And although you weren't there this year, you don't have to miss out on a single session.

Because Casey Research is putting together a 26-hours-plus audio collection that covers all the presentations, discussions, and unique opportunities to profit that will be discussed in this year'sSummit.

Here's a preview of just a few of the topics that were debated and explored:

  • You Have Suffered Through the Pain, Now Prepare for the Gain - Rick Rule
  • Surviving Financial Repression - Mark Yusko
  • The Coming Crash of the American Empire - Justin Raimondo
  • How Whipped Dogs Can Profit from the Coming Collapse of Western Civilization, While the 2nd Law Saves You from the Deep State - Doug Casey
  • The US Economy: Better Than You Think? - Stephen Moore
  • Puerto Rico as a Tax Haven - Nick Giambruno, Alex Daley
  • Energy Sector Winners - Marin Katusa
  • Metals Sector Ten-Bagger Candidates - Louis James

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Gold price seen near tipping point for mine cuts, closures

VANCOUVER: The price of gold, down more than a third in three years, is approaching the tipping point where the mining industry would see a spike in the number of producers reducing output or even shutting down operations.

Several mines globally have already suspended output in the past 18 months,

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Is Apple Watch a Needle Mover?

Is Apple Watch a Needle Mover?

By Adam J. Crawford, Analyst

The investment community has been up in arms over a lack of innovation from Apple. After all, the company hasn’t launched a new product line in quite some time… that is, until now. Meet the company’s brand-new smart device: Apple Watch. Investors hope the product will send Apple’s stock to new heights. Is that wishful thinking?

Apple brings its new product into a hotly contested space, with the likes of Sony, Nike, and Samsung all offering a competing smartwatch. But there’s a common theme with reviews for these gadgets: not enough features, not enough style. Apple aims to fill this void… and will charge a premium for doing so, of course.

Apple Watch will retail for $349,

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Don’t Be a Freedom Wimp: Live from the Casey Research Summit in San Antonio

Don’t Be a Freedom Wimp: Live from the Casey Research Summit in San Antonio

By Doug Hornig, Senior Editor

On Day Two of the Casey Research Summit in San Antonio, the emphasis was decidedly on the “deep state,” as Doug Casey termed it: what it is, what it’s doing, and how to thrive despite its ubiquitous reach.

The deep state begins with government, an institution Doug describes as intrinsically evil and destructive. That’s because it’s empowered by enforced coercion—one of only two ways in which humans interact with one another (the alternative being voluntary cooperation).

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GOLD: The bewitching hour of a triple bottom is upon us


The last time gold sparkled was in the summer of 2011 when an all-time record of $1900/oz was achieved. Alas since then it has been a torturous journey as gold prices has trekked south arriving at today’s price of $1216/oz, registering a loss of 36%. However, for the year to date gold is still trading above its low of $1180/oz as it grimly hangs on to a modest gain of 3%. The question we face now surrounds gold’s direction; will it test the previous low of $1180/oz and bounce to higher levels or will it penetrate this support level and set the stage for sub $1000/oz gold prices.

Gold’s precarious position

In the past we have expressed our

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Has The Gold Price Drop Ran Its Course?

Posted by  | September 22, 2014 

The gold price dropped on Monday September 22nd to USD 1212 and EUR 942. Dollar gold is close to retest its bottom for the third time since mid-2013, a price level which was seen only in the summer of 2010. For readers seeking to understand what is going on, we are providing a comprehensive view on the gold market. We take all perspectives into account:

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French Farmers Set Tax Office On Fire – Demise of Europe

Posted on September 21, 2014 by 

We are watching the decline and fall of Europe thanks to a completely failed policy and idea of creating a single currency without a single government – just insane. Saint Jerome said when Rome fell the Romans were still laughing. It does not appear anyone will be laughing without a new world cup to occupy the fools.

French vegetable farmer have set a tax office and a building on fire destroying the government facility which was the symbol of the increasing administrative burden and sanctions that is killing farming.

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This is an interesting view of the world affairs from Nigel Farage the leader of UKIP:

Member of the European Parliament (MEP) & Founding Member of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) - Nigel is MEP for the South East Region and the leader of the parliamentary party in the EU parliament.

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Here Is The Great Game-Changer That Will Shock The World

Today a 42-year market veteran spoke with King World News about the great game-changer that will shock the world.  Below is what Egon von Greyerz, who is founder of Matterhorn Asset Management out of Switzerland, had to say in this extraordinary interview.


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Monetary Policy Weighs on Precious Metals


Gold has an inverse relationship with the US Dollar so when the dollar declines gold rises. The dollar is affected by monetary policy as decided by the various central bankers across the planet. We recently covered the effect of the European version of QE with an article entitled; ‘Why ECB QE Is Bearish For Gold Prices so today we will take a quick look at the ramifications for the precious metals sector emanating from the monetary policy meeting of the Federal Reserve held today.

A brief overview of the Feds actions

The two most important points to come out of today’s meeting were

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