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Today Something Shocked The Establishment & The World

Today a 42-year market veteran spoke with King World News about something that happened earlier today which has frightened the establishment and shocked many people around the world.  Below is what Egon von Greyerz, who is founder of Matterhorn Asset Management out of Switzerland, had to say in this extraordinary interview.

Greyerz:  Eric, as you know, I have been working with the committee who is behind the Swiss Gold Initiative. 

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Chinese and Indian gold buyers back in market in a big way

The gold price has been falling but physical gold demand appears, counter-intuitively, to have been rising dramatically over the same period.

Author: Lawrence Williams
Posted: Tuesday , 21 Oct 2014 


What has been particularly strange about the gold market over the past two years is that the stronger the physical demand appearing for gold, the weaker the gold price has tended to get.

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Mining Sector Felt Better 5 Years Ago, Reality Hit Hard - Brent Cook

As Kitco News’ 5-year celebrations draw to a close, Brent Cook, editor of the Exploration Insights and famed geologist, pops in and compares the gold mining industry today to the one we saw five years ago. “We’re probably in the same shape, just no one knew how bad it was five years ago,”

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What If Deflation Wins?

What If Deflation Wins?

By Hard Assets Alliance Team

Since writing last month that inflation was on the rise, things have taken an abrupt turn. Look at the deflationary actions that have recently taken place:

  • The US dollar has shot up

  • The US bond market has rallied

  • Precious metals prices have collapsed

  • Base metal prices have fallen

  • Stock markets have declined

  • Oil and other commodities have fallen.

Further, just last week the International Monetary Fund cut its global economic growth forecast for the third time this year. Why? It doubts how quickly “rich countries will be able to pull free from high debt and unemployment in the wake of the 2007-2009 global financial crisis.”

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Why Murenbeeld Thinks Gold Will Hit $1,335

It seems hard to find someone who is bullish on gold prices these days but this economist thinks $1,335 gold may not be far-fetched. “One of the things that tend to be overlooked…is that the real interest rate in the U.S., particularly at the short end, is going to remain negative right through 2015,” he said. “Furthermore…

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The Asian Age of Transformation

The Asian Age of Transformation

By Casey Research

Financial pundits are divided on Asia. Some believe China and Japan are going to have their day in the sun, while others fear that economic mismanagement will lead to a similar collapse as we’ve seen in the US in 2008. Here are some opinions of prominent investment experts from the just-concluded Casey Research Fall Summit.

John Mauldin, chairman of Mauldin Economics and bestselling author of Endgame and Code Red, thinks we’re in an age of transformation. “Keynesians rule the world, whether we like or not, so we should invest with that reality in mind.”

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Italians Demanding Referendum on Euro – Only the People Can Save Europe

Posted on October 14, 2014 by 

As Julius Caesar said: the die is cast. He also said I came, I saw, I conquered (Veni Vidi Vici). The entire idea of the Euro is a total disaster. This is now about a dictatorship in Brussels that has built a political infrastructure which will promote civil war in Europe – not peace and harmony.

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Making sense of Chinese gold demand

How much has Chinese gold demand fallen this year – 50% or perhaps only 10%? We unravel the conflicting data, which will ultimately be key to where the gold price is headed.

Author: Lawrence Williams
Posted: Monday , 13 Oct 2014 


There is no doubt at all that Chinese demand for physical gold is having, and will continue to have, a huge impact on global gold flows and on the supply/demand balance,

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The Broken State and How to Fix It

The Broken State and How to Fix It

By Casey Research

The United States of America is not what it used to be. Unsustainable mountains of debt, continuous meddling by the government and Fed to “stimulate the economy,” and the US dollar’s dwindling status as the world’s reserve currency are very real threats to Americans’ standard of living. Here are some opinions from the recently concluded Casey Research Fall Summit on the state of the state and how to fix it.

Marc Victor, a criminal defense attorney from Arizona and a staunch liberty advocate, says there’s really no such thing as “the state”—“it’s just some people bossing other people around.”

Not everyone wants to fix things, he says; the bosses like the status quo. For example, aside from drug lords, DEA agents are the ones benefiting most from the “War on Drugs.”

Victor believes that democracy and freedom are incompatible, since “democracy is majority rule,

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Gold's Price Drop? Two Words: King Dollar – iiTrader Comments

Gold prices fall below the key $1,200 level on the back on a strengthening US dollar and better-than-expected jobs report as markets anticipate the upcoming FOMC meeting; iiTRADER's Bill Baruch joins Kitco News' Daniela Cambone to help make sense of it all on today's edition of "On The Spot". According to Baruch, we're seeing a combination of factors pressuring the gold market, stemming from the fact that gold is priced in US dollars, and while other central banks in Europe are just beginning to initiate quantitative easing,

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