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Hillary’s Scary New Cash Tax

Hillary’s Scary New Cash Tax

By Justin Spittler

The largest underground currency market in to make huge investment gains from negative interest rates...none dare call it a tax.

Editor’s Note: This is the most important Dispatch we’ve published all year.

You won’t find our regular daily market commentary in this issue. Instead, you’ll find an urgent message from Casey Research director Brian Hunt. Right now, the government is planning a secret new tax. It involves a new way of taking money directly from your bank account…

Casey Daily Dispatch will return to its regular format next week.


Justin Spittler
Delray Beach, Florida
March 4, 2016

Dear reader,

Have you heard of “negative interest rates?”

It’s become a phenomenon with economists and the media.

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Budget Boost for India Gold Bonds as Duty Raised, Not Cut

Flag of India

Budget 2016 hikes gold bullion and doré duty, adds 1% sales tax...
GOLD TAX on India's huge jewelry and bullion sector has risen and not been cut as the industry hoped in Monday's new 2016 budget from finance minister Arun Jaitley.

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Gold's Rise: Head fake or is it the real deal?

The downtrend that has dominated this sector for the last 3 years has been broken by golds sudden and almost vertical rise from its recent lows.



This rise in the price of gold can be attributed to any number of factors including

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James Turk: Is Silver About To Shock The World In 2016?

James Turk

Despite the large commercial short positions, is silver about to shock the world by becoming the best performing asset of 2016?

James Turk:  The shorts dodged two bullets last week, Eric. The first bullet was the silver price…

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Doug Casey: Why the Euro Is a Doomed Currency

Doug Casey: Why the Euro Is a Doomed Currency

By Doug Casey

For a long time, I’ve advocated that the world’s governments should default on their debt. I recognize that this is an outrageous-sounding proposal.

However, the debts accumulated by the governments of the U.S., Japan, Europe and dozens of other countries constitute a gigantic mortgage on the next two or three generations, as yet unborn. Savings are proof that a person, or a country, has been living below their means. Debt, on the other hand,

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Dire Conditions Are Now Spreading Across The Globe

With stocks still struggling and gold surging nearly $30 at one point in today’s trading session, dire conditions are now spreading across the globe.

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Whoever Does Not Respect the Penny is Not Worthy of the Dollar

Whoever Does Not Respect the Penny is Not Worthy of the Dollar

By Nick Giambruno

This definitive sign of a currency collapse is easy to see…

When paper money literally becomes trash.

Maybe you’ve seen images depicting hyperinflation in Germany after World War I. The German government had printed so much money that it became worthless. Technically, German merchants still accepted the currency, but it was impractical to use. It would have required wheelbarrows full of paper money just to buy a loaf of bread.

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Brace yourself for Brexit however unlikely the prospect is

After a trying start to 2016, investors could be forgiven for wondering what else this year might throw at them. it could be a full scale UK retreat from the EU

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These Important Stocks are Trading Like a Financial Crisis Has Begun

These Important Stocks are Trading Like a Financial Crisis Has Begun

By Justin Spittler

European bank stocks are crashing.

Deutsche Bank (DB), Germany’s largest bank, has plunged 36% this year. Its stock is at an all-time low.

Credit Suisse (CS), a major Swiss bank, has plummeted 40% this year to its lowest level since 1991.

As you can see in the chart below, the STOXX Europe 600 Banks Index, which tracks Europe’s biggest banks, is down 27% this year. It’s fallen six weeks in a row, its longest losing streak since the 2008 financial crisis.

These are huge drops in a short six-week period. It’s the kind of price action you’d expect to see during a major financial crisis.

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Goldman Sachs Says It's Time to Short Gold

“Financial markets have overreacted,” analysts wrote.

During a stressful week navigating volatile markets, many investors turned to the popular long-term investment of gold, pushing up prices 7.1% last week toward $1300 per ounce.

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