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Out – and into the world: why The Spectator is for Leave

We were right in 1975, and we’re right again now


The Spectator has a long record of being isolated, but right. We supported the north against the slave-owning south in the American civil war at a time when news-papers (and politicians) could not see past corporate interests.

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Ohio Governor Kasich Signs Rare Coin and Bullion Sales-Tax Exemption


The Industry Council for Tangible Assets has shared the following press release:

On June 14, 2016, Ohio governor John Kasich signed into law SB 172, which provides for a sales-tax exemption on rare coins and precious-metals bullion. The new law

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Fed's Yellen acknowledges difficulty of escaping world's low rate grip

Janet Yellen

Evidence that the U.S. neutral rate of interest remains stalled near zero spurred the Federal Reserve to slow its expected pace of rate hikes on Wednesday, as policymakers signaled their hands may be tied until a rebound in global demand or other forces raise that key measure of the economy’s underlying strength.

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This Gold Miner Wants To BANK PHYSICAL Instead of Selling At Artificially LOW Prices

This is one precious metals miner who must be music to First Majestic CEO Keith Nuemeyer's ears!

Nuemeyer you may recall, has been urging silver and gold mining companies to withhold at least some of their PHYSICAL metal

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'Leave' Takes Shocking 19-Point Lead In Brexit Poll - "If It Happens, Gold Will Be The World's Strongest Currency"


The headlines go from bad to worse for the UK and EU establishment as yet another new poll this weekend, by Opinium, shows "Brexit" leading by a remarkable 19 points (52% chose to leave the EU against 33% choosing to keep the status quo).

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Rick Rule – Are The Gold & Silver Markets Going To Shock Investors This Summer?

Rick Rule

With gold and silver surging along with the U.S. dollar, today one of the wealthiest and most street-smart pros in the business spoke with King World News about the question at hand: 

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THE MATTERHORN INTERVIEW – June 2016: Grant Williams“Oil Market: Peak Demand, Gold Market: Peak Supply”

“Oil Market: Peak Demand, Gold Market: Peak Supply”

One of the most engaging and bright analysts of our industry, Grant Williams, joins Lars in this podcast. Grant speaks about Oil, Gold and about ‘The Donald’, inter alia. Grant of course, together with his partner Raoul Pal, also initiated the RealVision TV channel producing high quality in-depth financial market

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John Mauldin – This Nightmare Will Trigger A Cascading Effect And Then The Unthinkable Will Happen

Today John Mauldin warned King World News that a nightmare will trigger a cascading effect and then the unthinkable will happen.

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US Monetary Policy still lacks certainty

Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen, delivered yet another optimistic assessment of the US economy and said that interest rate hikes are coming, however there was little about as to when. So we are still in the same place of not knowing if we are going to see a rate hike this year.


The following is a transcript of her speech:


Chair Janet L. Yellen

At The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Will Silver Outperform Gold? And Why John Hathaway Believes The Gold Price Will Rise

With continued uncertainty in global markets, many wonder, will silver outperform gold?

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