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Tax Loss Silly Season

This article was found on 321gold by Bob Moriarty, well worth a read.

Dec 18, 2014

I read something a couple of days ago about the Tax Loss season. When investors take a hit, they tend to dump the shares in December to move into something else. They take the loss and write it off. The interesting thing about the Tax Loss season is that for the past 11 years if you bought the gold/silver indexes on Dec 22 and all you did is hold for 90 days you would make a profit. That is if you were smart enough to take profits, many people aren’t.

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Canada approves world's largest copper-gold project

Canada's minister of the environment on Friday gave the green light to Seabridge Gold's KSM project in British Columbia, the world's largest undeveloped gold-copper project by reserves.

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2014: Cash beats gold, silver and HUI


As the chart clearly shows, the USD has outperformed gold, silver and the HUI in 2014, just as it did in 2013. Will 2015 be any different?

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Will Putin's Next Step Be To Sell Gold?

"Russia is at a critical juncture and given the sanctions placed upon them and the rapid decline in oil prices, they may be forced to dip into their gold reserves, if it happens it will push gold lower." That is what, according to some people Bloomberg has quoted, is in the cards.

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Federal Reserve Says It Will Be ‘Patient’ on Interest Rate Timing


WASHINGTON — Janet L. Yellen, the Federal Reserve chairwoman, said Wednesday that the Fed still plans to start raising interest rates next year, but it will be patient and does not expect to begin the process any earlier than April.

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To save itself, Greece must exit the euro

A Syriza election victory threatens default and disorderly exit from the euro for Greece. This would be a disaster for all. But done properly, the reintroduction of sovereign currencies within the eurozone would provide a bright new beginning

Of all the instabilities that concern international investors

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Germany Ready to Destroy Its Economy Tomorrow

Posted by 

Tomorrow, Germany’s Constitutional Court will rule on a major tax case that could devastate German business owners. There was no estate tax in Germany so businesses could pass from one generation to the next intact. That may all come to an end tomorrow.

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The Perfect Last-Minute Holiday Gif

Dear Reader,

Maybe you’re one of the many busy parents or grandparents who got so mired in the pre-holiday season that they didn’t have time to buy presents?

There’s a perfect way for you not just to save face, but to win the “Best Gift” award from your loved ones this year.

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Christmas Greetings

Here's wishing you a really great Christmas and a successful New Year

Bob , Sam and Joe.


Is 2015 The Year Miners Get Out Of The Rough? - Brent Cook

Kitco News launches its Outlook 2015 series with none other than Exploration Insights’ Brent Cook to find out how he sees the mining industry set up for the coming year. “I honestly think we’re going to have another rough year,” he says. “I think next year is going to be tough, but I also honestly believe it’s the best year we’re going to see to start leveraging into some of the better companies.” Cook also shares his thoughts on the gold price.

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