A Business Opportunity for Your Consideration
Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 12:06AM
Gold Prices

Good Day Team,

This is just a quick note to present a business idea to you. Our options trading service now includes an affiliate programme, the usual arrangement, whereby a member earns money via the number of subscribers who sign up for the service.

Our subscription fee for 12 months is $799.00, with 6 months costing $499.00 and we pay the 50% of that fee for every new subscriber that you send to us.

You are probably very familiar with this procedure so I won't dwell on it other than to include some links which provide a little more detail about this opportunity.

Our website:


Affiliate Page:


Our track record:

In 2011 we outperformed Gold by 31%, Silver by 41%, S&P by 42%, and the HUI by 53%

Our model portfolio is up 455.14% since inception, we have an annualized return of 76.75% and have closed 101 trades, 92 closed at a profit.

If this business opportunity is of interest to you then we would be delighted to have you on board, as they say.


I hope that this missive reaches you fit and well and you are enjoying the summer.

All the best,


Bob Kirtley



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