An Update On Our Premium Options Trading Service
Thursday, November 19, 2009 at 04:52PM
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Back in March we launched a premium options trading service, separate from our main websites on gold, silver and uranium, called OPTIONTRADER.

Now that the service has been running for a decent amount of time, we thought we would post an update regarding how the service is doing.

So below are ALL closed trades from the last 3 months, as they were sent to OPTIONTRADER subscribers:

Trading Record

Bought USO $40 Oct-09 Puts @ $4.30 on the 6/8/09.
Sold for $4.80 on the 31/8/09.
11% profit in 25 days.

Bought KGC $20 Sep-09 Puts @ $1.10 on the 7/8/09.
Sold for $2.10 on the 18/8/09.
90% profit in 11 days.

Bought IAG $12.50 Sep-09 Puts @ $1.00 on the 14/8/09.
Sold for $1.50 on the 17/8/09.
50% profit in 3 days.

Bought GLD $100 Mar-10 Calls @ $7.60 on the 8/9/09.
Sold for $10.25 on the 4/11/09.
34.87% profit in 57 days.

Bought GLD $100 Mar-10 Calls @ $7.80 on the 6/10/09.
Sold for $10.25 on the 4/11/09.
31.41% profit in 29 days.

Bought GLD $90 Jan-11 Calls @ $16.10 on the 3/9/09
Sold for $22.35 on the 4/11/09
32.82% profit in 56 days.

So thats an average gain of 41.68% per trade in an average of 30 days per trade!

This is a comprehensive list of trades for the period, with nothing omitted. In addition to this, we still have 7 positions that are still open, all of which are showing a paper profit of at least 30%.

Our balanced trading portfolio, modeled on OPTIONTRADER trading signals, is up over 27% from August to present.

OPTIONTRADER prides itself on being versatile and adaptable to suit market conditions. We do not buy and hold and hope, we are prepared to go long or short on any entity if we believe the opportunity is there.

Also, one does not need a comprehensive understanding of options trading to use this service, all signals are clearly explained and easy to follow. Also although options trading does carry risks, by keeping a close watch on the markets and combining our expertise and experience together with ongoing research, we are able to limit the downside of any trade. Although we of course do incur losses from time to time, our winning trades far outweigh our losers and we place a large emphasis on limiting risks involved in any options trade. For example OPTIONTRADER did get off to a difficult beginning where we did take some losses, however by only allocating a small weighting of our options portfolio to each trade, and limiting the losses on each trade, the overall impact was greatly reduced.

We use a balanced portfolio and suggest weightings with each trade as to give a realistic representation of how subscribers would've performed with the recommendations.

All paid subscribers to OPTIONTRADER can email us questions or comments anytime, and we will respond as soon as possible, using within 24 hours.

All this is just $199 for 6 months, or $349 for one year!

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