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Buy and Hold or In and Out?

Generally speaking, there are two main investment styles. The more widely adopted approach is buy and hold for long term growth and a return that rides out short term fluctuations. Most people do not have the time to analyse whatever their chosen investment is to the required level to predict short-medium term fluctuations. For them, buy and hold is probably the better strategy to adopt.

For arguments sake, how would a buy and hold physical gold strategy performed since August 2009 (the date that corresponds with the first trading signal from SK Options Trading)

Very well as it turns out – gold is up 81.6% since August 2009. Not a lot of investments in financial markets or otherwise would have done as well. For those who do not want to pick shorter term movements, buying and holding gold has been and will continue to be a prudent investment for at least part of one’s portfolio.

As our name eludes, we are not buy and hold investors. We are a trading operation with a focus on the short-medium term.

We enter and exit the market relatively frequently (104 closed trades in 38 months). Our approach has returned subscribers over 500% since inception. We’ve outperformed gold – one of the best investments of the past few years – more than six times over!

We aim to trade the market around medium term moves, still ignoring the super short term moves that are largely noise, with our outlook based on the coming months, not years or hours. This allows us to profit with much greater regularity than just buying and holding which essentially returns the average of the underlying asset.

For a small fee you can see what trades we are making and the positions held in our model portfolio that is up 500% since inception!

It takes a high level of temperament, discipline, knowledge and experience to trade profitably in the long run and with consistency. Some can commit huge energy and effort into learning the game and still fail. The combination of art and science inherent in trading determine that no amount of reading and practice will lead to success with certainty.

Subscribe now to join a team with experience, and an extensive track record and proven ability.

Emotional control is one of the hardest things to overcome when learning the trading game. Sticking to your rules and being rational is what some people are unable to do yet they are the two most important factors in success.

Subscribe now if our service sounds like something you could benefit from.

Don’t take our word for it; check out our subscriber testimonials to see if SK OptionTrader is right for you.

Our frequently asked questions may also help clear up any questions you may have. Otherwise we welcome your inquiry via our contact us page.

For a taste of our subscriber content, take a look at our subscriber updates and trading signals up to the end of 2011.


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