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Even our 50 worst Trades still returned 18.61% per Trade, SK OptionTrader

Many firms advertise their biggest gains in order to showcase the advantages of their service. As such, we have analysed our trading record to show the gains that a subscriber would have achieved even if they had only managed to invest in our 50 worst trades.

The result is that SK OptionTrader still provides an average return of 18.61% per trade, with an overall return of 53.41%! That means that even if one were to have invested a $10,000.00 portfolio in our 50 least profitable trades, including our three losses, then that options trading portfolio would now be worth $15,340.52.

If one had invested $1,000.00 into one of our 50 worst trades, they would have made a profit of $186.10, which would have almost paid for their subscription in just one of our worst trades!


So, if our 50 worst trades can return profits of 53.42%, then how does our model portfolio perform? Exceptionally, with a total return of 396.58% since inception, that’s an annualized return of 119.04%! If one had invested a $10,000.00 portfolio in accordance with SK OptionTrader signals, that portfolio would now be worth $49,657.88!

At the moment the SK OptionTrader model portfolio is up 396.58%, which means a $10,000.00 portfolio invested in accordance with SK OptionTrader signals would now be worth $49,657.88. On average our trades gain 42.21% in 45.41 days, which provides an annualized return of 119.04%. We currently have a number of trades open, one of which is showing gains of over 425%, and we see these positions as well as others in our portfolio improving as we go forward! So now is the perfect time to open a subscription with SK OptionTrader and begin increasing the profitability of your options trading portfolio.

For those subscribers who are too busy to trade their own accounts we are now able to offer Autotrading programs with our SK OptionTrader service. One can sign up for autotrading with Global AutoTrading or eOption.

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sk chart performance of 10k mod port 22 aug 2011.JPG
sk chart return on SK OptionTrader Model Port 22 aug 2011.JPG

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