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How Have SK OptionTrader Recommendations Faired After Our Sell Signals?

Recently closed trades by our premium options trading service SK OptionTrader banked some excellent gains, as published here.

On these 13 trades, we made profits ranging from 43% to 100%, with an average profit of 63.67%. Here is a quick look at the same options that we bought and sold to generate these profits as per the chart below which shows the options have since fallen in price and therefore illustrates the advantage that SK OptionTrader offers being an actively trading service, as opposed to many buy and hold and hope strategies.

SK OptionTrader Recommendations

Below are the other 11 trades:

How Have SK OptionTrader Recommendations Faired

SK OptionTrader has been fortunate enough to being doing rather well recently when it comes to timing the gold market, as our options trades above show. In fact as well as an exceptional performance recently, we have averaged a gain of 46.89% per trade since we began the service last year. That includes all of our 51 closed trades, with 49 winners and just 2 losers.

This means that investing just $1000 in one average trade would have paid for your mere $99 subscription 4 times over.

In fact if one had invested $1000 in each of SK OptionTrader's trading signals to date, including the losing trades, one would have amassed $23,913.60 in profits.

We understand that what matters to most investors and traders is the bottom line and results.

SK OptionTrader has been delivering results and substantial profits for our subscribers bottom line.

Our full trading record can be viewed here, which contains a complete record of all 51 of our closed trades.

SK OptionTrader is not merely another gold investment letter that aims to perform well solely when gold prices increase

We aim to perform, period.

This is not a service which recommends you buy XYZ and hold it until eventually some day it goes up.

This is not a service which gives buy recommendations, claims larger paper profits, but never gives a sell signal then.

This is an active trading service, as the above charts show, with the average trade being held for less than 45 days, and we aim to make money in all circumstances, whether markets be going up, down or even sideways.

To find out what are next trades are, sign up to SK OptionTrader now by clicking one of the buttons below and following the instructions.

You do not need to be a member of Paypal, all you need is a valid credit card or bank account.

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