Introducing a new face: Dmitry Bulkowski
Sunday, April 1, 2012 at 07:25PM
Gold Prices

As regular readers will know we do ask that you read as widely as possible in order to get a broad view of the economic, political and investment landscape. We also post articles that we have spotted in publications as far apart as Calgary and Mumbai. So today we are bringing to your attention a website in Russia, called Goldenfront, which is hosted by Dmitry Bulkowski, Editor, B of Sc., MBA. provides news and comments from Russian and Foreign Experts on the topics such as; Precious metals as money, savings and investments, World Financial Crisis: news and forecasts, Fundamental and Technical Analysis of Financial and Resource Markets.

Of course this website is produced in Russian but it does have the translation facility which quickly translates the text into English.

So to get a view from a different perspective drop by from time to time and read their 'take' on current events, etc.

Have a good one.

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