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James Turk: A Historic Event Has Taken Place In The Gold Market

With continuing tensions in Ukraine, today James Turk spoke with King World News what is happening around the world, including a historic event in the gold market.  Turk also compared the manipulation taking place in the gold market to what happened when the manipulators of the British pound were taken down by Soros.

Turk:  As important as the Ukraine is to propel the price of gold higher, last week there was an even more important development.  Bloomberg reported that the gold price is being manipulated, which followed shortly on the heels of a similar report in London’s Financial Times.  Any report like this in the mainstream media is a big deal, but to have it reported twice is indeed an important development....


To continue reading the James Turk interview below please click here.

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Reader Comments (2)

What we have happening in the world today is very important for it shows that the financial system under which the world currently operates is completely immoral and rigged. Governments and banks and corporations which are and have been insolvent should operate under the same rules that individuals operate under, such that, when they fail they should be 'punished' for their reckless mistakes and sins instead of having the masses bail them out. And the valuations of these dangerous entities (governments, banks and corporations) have been wrongfully propped up by stealing from future generations and by stealing through inflation. Europe is on the verge of collapse. It's governments are bankrupt. It's banks are bankrupt. It's corporations are bankrupt. The United States is bankrupt. And its banks are also insolvent. Housholders, living fearfully in their massively over-leveraged, underwater homes, who pay their monthly dues to banks are also standing on thin ice and when the next crisis hits, it will take out the legs of the immoral banks, lenders and the people who have borrowed into this over-inflated fantasy reality. The zionists are holding on with the last bit of strength that they can muster, with the skin of their teeth but they will fail. They will go down. They will crash and they will burn. They are trying to prolong their lives by sucking the Ukraine into their dangerous, devious, deceitful, immoral power play and scheme to control, by using it as another proxy that will needlessly only buy the bankers a few more moments before the whole facade comes crashing down thereby smothering them all in a giant failing monetary system collapse. The United States and all other debtors nation states and those corporations that parasitically live off of this printed money stream are the reason for this problem. What we need is that governments come forward and concede their extreme wrongdoing and arrogance and lay off their own workers or they can just keep printing away and destroy the current immoral system through hyper-inflation. Either way, the outcome isn't going to be pretty. Fiat money, which is the money created by the wrong doers, banks and governments (with the supoport and aid of corporations) is the problem. A lack of realistic accountability has been lost. The people, world citizens, have been lied to and preyed upon by psyops operations worldwide. They are being spied on by their own governments. They are being intimidated and thereby injected with fear in an attempt to make them passive in the face of what is emerging - a total systemic collapse. Obama is an abomination. He is siding with Nazi extemists in the Ukraine. He has sided with taliban linked Suuni Zionist terrorist extremists in Syria. He has supported genocide in Lybia. He and his crony liar followers have forced people to accept a medical system that nobody really wants, that will increase the prices of care and disturb people more and has simply increased the bankrupted government's wrongful, immoral strangle-hold on the lives of the masses in the process. People can't understand what is happening. The wheels are about to go flying off the machinery. The system is going to catastrophically break. There are now too many black swans. They are coming from all directions now. It is too late. Obama has the opportunity to stand down and let Russia take care of its personal reasponsibility in the Ukraine. He should punt the ball now. Otherwise, if he doesn't he will get sacked in his own endzone. Obama, back down. The American people are not on your side! Your involvemnet in anything is no longer warranted. Cease and decist now!

March 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSilver Storm

The London gold fix is different to the ERM problem with the pound for one reason . It is what takes place later on the Comex that counts and that is where the blatant manipulation takes place daily. J P Morgan, alone, often has positions of around 45 % of the total silver market and similar large positions in gold . With three other banks they control virtually the whole market. The London Fix investigation is merely to distract people from where the real problem lies and nothing will be done about it .

March 6, 2014 | Unregistered Commentersilver bug

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