Man Who Predicted Riots In Athens And Chaos In Markets Now Says World Hurtling Toward Full-Blown Collapse
Monday, February 23, 2015 at 04:58PM
Gold Prices

With news of a so-called deal being reached between Greece and the EU, today the man who saidThere Is No Deal…Riots And Chaos In Athens And Markets On Monday warned King World News that the world is now hurtling toward full-blown collapse. 

Eric King:  "Michael, we've had your piece out Central Planners About To Unleash Economic Hell On Earth.  It's been getting a lot of attention from all over the globe.  It was very unique and I think for some people they related to it because they look around at the invisible hand, which is not so invisible, that is managing the markets, all of the money printing, all of the insanity, and it's just the same thing day-after-day, week-after-week — nothing seems to change.  And of course everything works until it stops working, but can you talk about this?"


Michael Pento:  "Zero interest rate policies and quantitative easing across the globe did not save the world from the Great Recession.

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