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SK Option Trader Continues to Bank Profits

Late August to mid-September saw SK Option Trader subscribers close 3 successful trades. Together, these trades grew our and our subscribers’ portfolios by 8.6% in just over 3 weeks! The profit could have been much larger; however, our approach to options trading is a conservative one in that we tend to limit our exposure to around 5% of our capital for any particular trade.

The first of these was a bullish vertical put spread, which involved buying low a strike put and selling a high strike put. When we sent subscribers the signal to place this trade we thoroughly and clearly explained how to do so. This trade earned us a nice 37.75% annualized return and grew our portfolio by just over 2%.

The other trades we closed in early-mid September were also bullish spreads, but this time were constructed using calls. Again, we clearly described how to place and close these trades at the appropriate times. The most successful of these trades returned an impressive 70.24%, outperforming gold 10x over. The third trade was not far behind with a substantial 60.71%! These two trades grew our portfolio by 3.5% and 3% respectively. Our 60.71% call spread marked a big milestone for us, as our model portfolio passed 500% return since inception.

To receive signals in the future such as these, subscribe now!

The three trades we closed in August/September grew our portfolio by 8.6% with only a fraction of our total capital allocated. In just over three weeks, a subscriber with a total portfolio of $20,000 that followed our recommendations would have banked $1720! That profit covers yearly subscription fees more than twice over – with just 3 trades!

Sign up now for full access to SK Option Trader trading signals, updates and market commentary.

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Unlike many other services we specify a % allocation to each trade and run a detailed model portfolio for our subscribers benefit.

We currently have several open trades; of those a majority involve gold. Our track record shows we have been profitable and correct most often when trading gold. It is our primary area of expertise.

Often the market aligns in such a manner that we place and close several trades within a relatively tight time frame. Sign up now to ensure you don’t miss one of these “hot” periods. They can come out of the blue and we act quickly to capitalize on these opportunities.

$799 for 12 months is a low price to pay for the knowledge, experience and expertise we have accumulated over many years, and is a small cost relative to the potential returns that we generate!

Some commentators continue to sing the praises of mining stocks to benefit from rising gold prices. We do not agree with this view. If leverage to the gold price is what is desired then options trading is the perfect solution. Options allow direct exposure to the price of gold, mining stocks do not. We repeatedly have, and continue to, outperform the miners. So have a lot of other basic investments, - but not to the same extent that we’ve achieved. If you haven’t looked into it yet, options trading is well worth considering.

QE3 is here and looks set to drive record highs in precious metals. Subscribe now to join a team with vast experience in helping people grow their wealth.

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