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SK Option Trader Passes 500% Return Since Inception

Our most recently closed trade marked a big milestone for SK Option Trader and our highly valued subscribers. Since we started in 2009 our portfolio has grown over 500%! Subscribers who have been with us since day one could have also made the same gain, just from following our trade recommendations and replicating our model portfolio.

$10,000 invested back in mid 2009 would have grown to $60,597.99 today.

If it takes 1 minute to place and close each of our trades, on our 104 closed trades that’s a total of 208 minutes spent to earn $50,598. That’s $243 a minute or $14,595 an hour for your time spent.

Since August 2009 here’s what some other investments have returned:

Gold mining stocks have disappointed the most, a subject we’ve covered in detail many times before. Silver being the best performer is up an impressive 148.60%, but that’s still a long way off our 500%+gain.

In fact, just last year we significantly outperformed the following vehicles:

Key to our success is getting in and out of the market at the right times. We only trade on our strongest signals and this helps generate big returns and generally avoid losses. We never just trade for trading’s sake, we carefully chose our moments.

91.3% of our trades have been closed at a profit and our average return per trade is 35.55%. Our annualized return is 78.31%

Is your portfolio generating these returns?

The flexibility inherent in options, is fundamental to our success allowing us to optimize risk-reward dynamics and gives us the ability to generate massive returns in very short time frames, such as a 197.14% winner in only 24 days.

With each trade we recommend we allocate a portion of our portfolio to it, 10% for instance, allowing a subscriber to gauge how much we are prepared to risk in the trade, as opposed to many services who do not specify how much to risk in each trading recommendation and do not provide a full model portfolio for their readers.

Past performance is not a guide to future success, but if we earn another 500% over the next 3 years, that $10,000 portfolio back in 2009 would be worth $367,211 in 2015!

We’d like to thank our wonderful subscribers, especially those that have been with us since the early days for their support.

You allow us to keep re-investing in the operation and to do what we love. So many of you are brilliant to deal with and we really do appreciate your positive feedback. We hope you are enjoying the service and most importantly reaping the financial benefits from it. We look forward to many more good years with you.

We place every trade we recommend putting our own capital at risk. Our incentives are directly aligned with any subscribers who follow our trades so you can be safe in the knowledge every trade we place is done so with the utmost scrutiny and consideration.

Looking forward we are very excited about the current prospects in the commodities and precious metals markets. With a fresh round of indefinite money printing just announced in the US we think gold is set to rally strongly soon. Gold may well challenge its all-time highs achieved last year and we are so confident that if the next $200 move in 2012 isn’t up, we will refund the cost of the  subscription to those who sign-up during this limited offer period. This offer is for a very limited time only so get on board now!

This offer expires in:

Kind Regards and Successful Trading,

The Team at SK Options Trading


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