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SK OptionTrader Banks 38.66% Profit In 13 Days

Our premium options trading service, SK OptionTrader, today closed a trade banking a profit of 38.66% in just 13 days. This brings our trading record to 66 winning trades from 68, a 97% success rate, but more importantly our average return per trade is now 40.89% with the average trade being held for 41.32 days.

Subscribers to SK OptionTrader are able to see our model portfolio, where we give suggested capital allocations to risk in each trade. Our model portfolio is up 139.98% since inception in August 2009, without reinvesting profits.

This closed trade involved the purchase of SLV Jul 16 '11 $40 Calls for $1.19 on 10th March 2011, which we closed in trading today for $1.65, a 38.66% profit in 13 days.

Often potential subscribers are worried that there will not be time for them to execute their trades, or there will be selling by other subscribers that will give them a less favourable price. This is simply not the case.

The options that we trade are liquid and our signals do not have any significant or even noticeable effect on prices. The graph below shows the prices for SLV Jul 16 ‘11 $40 Calls throughout trading on the 23rd March 2011.

SLV Jul 40 Call Option Chart

As the graph shows there was plenty time for subscribers to also sell and in fact many of them would have got a better price than we did! If silver prices remain where they are between now and tomorrows open, it will probably be possible to get $1.65 for these calls tomorrow as well.

However in order to maintain our quality of service we are raising our subscription prices as of April 2nd 2011. Current subscribers, or those who subscribe before April 2nd, will be able to renew at the original prices of $99 and $179 and be unaffected by this price change. It is only those who subscribe after April 2nd that will have to pay our new rates of $199 per six months or $349 per year.

To subscribe now, please feel free to click one of the subscribe buttons below or visit our website for more information.

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