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SK OptionTrader Extends Winning Streak To 46 Consecutive Trades

By taking a modest profit on some SLW calls in todays trading, our premium options trading service SK OptionTrader has extended its winning streak to 46 consecutive winning trades in a row.

Our average return per trade including losses is 41.35%, with our model portfolio being up 136.75% since inception, or an annualised return of 74.84% assuming profits are not reinvested.

SK OptionTrader has now banked profits on 64 of its 66 closed trades.

Below is a summary of the closed trade:

Bought SLW Jun 18 '11 $40 Call @ $2.57 on 7th January 2011
Sold at $2.75 on 15th February 2011
7% Profit in 39 days

Recently we also closed three trades on GLD, banking gains of 13%, 17% and 13% despite gold falling during the period that we held the trade.

One of the biggest advantages of options trading is that one can profit from movements up, down or even sideways. We are currently designing strategies for our subscribers that will allow us to profit from gold’s consolidation, so if this interests you then you may wish to consider subscribing now for only $99.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much indeed for your support in this new venture that we launched about 18 months ago. The response has been terrific, so the small team here are ever so grateful to you for helping to make it a success.

In a recent knock about session we discussed the topic of membership and although we have yet to finalize anything we thought that it would be worth giving you a heads up about what we discussed.

In order for the service to remain manageable, effective and to some extent exclusive, we are looking at ways of limiting the numbers of members that we can work with. There are a number of possibilities here as you can well imagine. We could decide on a number that we deem to be suitable and implement a straight forward cut off at that point and then organize a waiting list in order to replace those who do not re-subscribe. However, the attrition rate is very low so it would be a slow moving process and investors would lose interest after a short while. Another possibility is to have a cut off point and those who still wish to join us would be required to pay a much higher subscription fee of say, $999.00. It sounds a lot but when you consider that just one trade of $3000.00 at our average profit of 41.88% and the fee is covered, then it is still a good deal. If we take this route then we are keeping the door open for those of our readers who are really keen to join us, but we also limiting the number of subscribers, thus achieving our objective. For those who are already subscribers then the old price structure would be maintained for their benefit.

We will do some more work on this in the near future but thought that you would like to be kept in the loop as to how we are thinking.

Feel free to check out our full trading record or contact us if you have any questions.

Alternatively you can subscribe below, for just $199 per 6 months or $349 for a year.

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