SK OptionTrader makes 24% Just 2 Trading Days into 2013!
Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 06:34PM
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Just 2 days after we celebrated the New Year, SK OptionTrader is celebrating a 24.01% win. Our “Short VXX Stock/Long VXX $70 Mar 16 '13 Calls at $34.35” position generated our subscribers profits of 24.01% in just 6 days.

Believing that a fiscal cliff solution would be reached and following that there would be a decline in implied volatility we opened a position to take advantage of this.


As the chart above shows, SK Options Trading managed to sell at the VXX peak just before the fiscal cliff solution was in sight. Then once the fears had subsided and a deal was reached, we took profits and our subscribers enjoyed a hefty 24.01% winner to start off their year.

We issued a trading signal December 28th 2012 to “sell to open VXX shares and at the same time buy to open VXX $70 Mar 16 '13 calls for a combined net credit of $34.35 with 10% of our model portfolio allocated to this trade”. While our subscribers enjoyed their holiday break, we ensured that they continued to enjoy profits throughout the season as well.

The position rallied after the threat of the fiscal cliff dissipated and an agreement was reached. With Volatility falling, and the VIX down to below 15, we took a swift profit just 6 days after we opened the position. Signalling to our subscribers “to close the VXX shares we sold short and at the same time sell to close the VXX $70 Mar 16 '13 calls we bought for a combined net debit of $27.70”.

This means that after only 2 days of trading in 2013 SK Options Trading has a win of 24.01% on the board. Given this fast and furious beginning to the year, now is a perfect time to pick an SK OptionTrader subscription. Just think, if you had done so a few days ago and put $2500 into this trade, you would have paid for a 6 month subscription with cash to spare. If you had put in just $1000 to our last trade, you would have paid for half of your 6 month subscription cost in just 6 days!

2013 holds many more exciting opportunities such as this, so don’t let yourself miss out any longer. You can sign up today through either of the buttons below and get access to our portfolio and market views today!


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