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SK OptionTrader Passes Another Milestone: 120 Trades Closed

2013 has been a year of milestones for SK OptionTrader thus far. We have closed our largest winning trade to date, a winner of 212.50%. We have closed over 100 winning trades, and have made over a 500% return since the beginning of our service. With our latest trade we are celebrating the milestone of having closed 120 trades closed.

This 120th trade made money using puts to benefit from a fall in the price of one of the most popular silver stocks, Silver Wheaton. Using $25 September 13 Puts we generated a return of 29.41% in just 17 days.

Throughout our 120 trade record, we have had a success rate of 104 winning trades from 120; that’s a win rate of 86.67%.

What is it that we have done to produce these winnings?

Careful consideration of the risk reward dynamics of each trade that we make, and the ability to recognise changing markets.

Recognition that the gold bull market may be over has lead us to believe that the bull market for silver may also be over. Given that silver is generally more volatile than gold in times of rapid change, if the bull market for gold is over, then silver will collapse. If silver collapses then silver stocks will go too. Using this we have bought Puts on Silver Wheaton for returns of 29.41%, puts on Couer d’Alene for 53.33% profit, and Hecla mining for a massive 212.50%.

The versatility of options has also provided considerable benefits over our 120 trades. Through the rapid rally in gold up to the August 2011 peaks, we were able to use call options on GLD to bank two trades that more than doubled in value in May, and then a winner of 197.14% at the beginning of August.

The adaptability of options means that we can make money regardless of whether the market is going up down or sideways. Not only did we profit from the rallies in gold over the last few years, but as gold has moved sideways we have also profited. Using vertical spread trades to in December 2012 we made gains of 29.20%, giving our subscribers a holiday season boost.

Fortunately, we are not limited to just precious metals, but have been consistently making winning trades on the equities markets. In January we used SSO to close a winner of 15.91%, outperforming the S&P 500 by more than double over the same time period. We have even made money trading volatility, via VXX and the VIX, securing gains of 24.01% for our subscribers as equities rallied through the beginning of the year.

If your last 120 trades have averaged less than our 30.69% per trade, or your portfolio is up less than 506% in the last 4 years, then it might be time to sign up and see how we do it.

If you want to know what trades we are doing to generate our 63.36% annualized return, then simply click either of the buttons below, and get on board.

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