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SK OptionTrader Portfolio Breaking Record High Returns of 506%

SK OptionTrader recently closed a trade on Silver Wheaton; using puts to take advantage of the plummeting stock price.  This particular trade pushed our overall returns since inception to a total 506%! These returns have been generated over the 3 years and 8 months that our service has been operational. This means that if one had invested $10,000 in 2009 and followed our signals, this would now have been worth approximately $60,599.55.

This is a portfolio that is now at record highs; this year alone we have already generated returns of 212.50%! So far this year our portfolio is up 20.33% on closed trades alone, all of which have been winners.

How is it that we have been able to generate such returns?

We have an understanding of market dynamics and careful timing of versatile options trading. Through the use of options trading we have been able to maximise profits for our subscribers; as one of the most versatile tools at our disposal we have gained increased leverage on stocks, equities, and commodities over the time that we have been operational. This, combined with our understanding of market dynamics, particularly in times of change and uncertainty, such as the current period, have allowed us to bank returns of over 500% in under 4 years!

We invest our own capital in every trade that we make, allocating a percentage of our portfolio to each trade. This allows us to accurately track the performance of our portfolio and provide a realistic figure when it comes to the past profitability of our service.

One must always consider the alternatives when making an investment, and we believe that the following graph shows how some of the possible alternatives would have performed.

The returns on our portfolio are more than 5 times as better than silver, 7 times better than gold, and we have outstripped equities by nearly 10 fold!

As expected gold stocks should not even come into consideration as an investment; failing to perform even in times of crisis and falling over a time period when gold rose 67.37% and the S&P rose 55.76%. We have beaten gold stocks by nearly 510% since the beginning of our service.

If your portfolio is beating ours on a year-to-date basis, or since the beginning of our service, then we take our hat off to you. However, if it is not, and you would like to know what it is that we are doing, then all you have to do is sign up.

Since inception, we have had an annualized return of 63.36%, and of the 120 trades closed 86.67% have been winners; each trade averaging a return of 30.69% in 52.07 days.

As 2013 shows SK OptionTrader making record highs on the returns of individual trades and on an overall basis we look to continue our winning streak and allocate the capital in our portfolio to more potentially profitable endeavours. If you want to know what positions we open and when we open them then all you have to do is subscribe via either of the buttons below.  

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