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Stock Trader Update 07 February 2014

This is just a quick note to let you know how our new venture, 'Stock Trader' has been doing. Well, 2013 was probably the worst year to start such a venture because the miners as represented by the HUI lost 50% of their value. This decline in stock prices inhibited our ability to trade, especially on the long side.

Most of the time we were in cash which is about as dull as dish water, however, the US dollar did outperform gold, silver and the miners by a long way. Had we have adopted an aggressive acquisitions programme then our portfolio would have suffered serious injury.

The chart below shows that we closed just four trades for a small profit and they were all 'shorts'. We currently have 70% in cash and in the interests of fairness I have to say that the we have four open positions, one of which is in profit but the other three are well and truly struggling.


For 2014 we have changed our strategy, so instead of 'shorting' stocks we will look to buy the dips, catch the bounce and close the trade before the bear drags us back down to lower levels. As you are aware I'm still not convinced that this bear phase is over yet and we need to be mindful that it is still there and presents a considerable risk for the longs.

When we started this venture I was of the opinion that it was going to be a 'white knuckle ride' and 2013 was certainly that with volatility to spare.

The following is a gentle reminder of some of the previous points that we have made regarding the 'Stock Trader' service:

We issue a trading signal to you via email as soon as we open or close a trade.

We ask that you go gently with every trade and only risk what you can afford to lose. We will usually allocate about 5% to 10% of our funds to each trade.

The fee for this service is US$199.00 per year; there is no 6 month subscription as we want you to stick with us for 12 months, which will allow us the time to prove our worth to you.

We are not financial advisers and do not give financial advice, only access to what we do in terms of trading.

Auto-trading is now available.

Your time and comments are very much appreciated, so please fire them in.

Should you wish to join us in this venture, then you are most welcome

Bob Kirtley


Subscribe for 12 months with recurring billing - $199

Buy 12 months of subscription time - $199


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