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The War Between Manipulation and Buying 

This is a short summary from Jim Sinclair regarding the gold market which is always worth a read, in our humble opinion. Don't forget that you can also visit his website and sign-up for his free newsletter as you read as widely as you possibly can.


Jim Sinclair

My Dear Extended Family,

Next week is the war between manipulation of gold by the West, and appetite for buying gold in the East, both from friendlies and enemies. Anyone that does not see today's gold market as a rig is blind or brain dead. There is a full blown crisis in Western world banking today, right here and now. There is a full blown crisis in sovereign debt of some weaker nations as in a very short while certain government will be out of money. The Eurosnobs hate each other which does not make for a fast reconciliation of a crisis.

It is a myth that Western banks are strong enough to weather the storm of a full blown banking crisis in Europe.

It is a myth that the Federal Reserve will stand as the one hawk in the Western world and fiddle while it's Rome burns.

It is a myth that Obama could be re-elected if the Fed remains intransigent.

It is a myth that Finland or Germany will strike a match to the euro that totally wipes out the largest part of their exports.

It is a myth that governments are ready to face the economic, social and political fallout standing austere as their economies implode, which they will.

It is myth that there is any recovery in the USA. By falling more we will be in a depression.

It is a myth that because thousands of bears email me that somehow they can convince me of the opposite when I know I am correct.

Next week will be the time the cartel tries to break the gold price again. They have failed seven times, and will fail on the 8th. Gold is going to $3500 and above. All the lying and conniving only means the price will go higher. Just as Morgan's whale could not fight the market, the cartel cannot fight gold as we have a flight away from all fiat currencies.

How can anyone in Europe sleep tonight with cash in the bank, even amongst the stronger nations whose banks are loaded with weak nation's paper. The house of cards is coming down right now. Trying to manipulate the price of gold to hide the crisis at hand is futile.

If you have your positions on margin you are crazy and I cannot do anything for you. All others stand tall because gold will trade above $3500 and not in some LaLa Land future of Armstrong's imagination.



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