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Friday, July 4, 2014 at 01:01AM
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We are at the 1927 Phase of events that is important to understand. There has historically always been a difference in economics trends between Europe and America. This became self-evident back in 1720 that was the Mississippi and South Sea Bubbles.

One of the earliest forecasts that our computer made back in 1980 was that Britain would separate economically from Europe and align more with the United States.

This was a shocking forecast that made no sense to me. Countries just do not invert economic trends so easily. Because of that forecast, I really had to develop the means to communicate with this machine and to inquire what was behind that forecast.

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The miners have started 2014 very well indeed on the back of rising gold prices, so the question is; is this the real deal or another head fake? Is the bottom really in? Could there be a final capitulation just ahead of us? Will the summer doldrums take the PMs lower?

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