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Where We Are, Why Gold Was Bombed, And Why TA Is A Waste Of Time

Jim Sinclair

The following is a missive that we received from Jim Sinclair who is the host of a web site called Jim Sinclair's MineSet. The above link will take to his site and his updates via email are free, so you have nothing to lose by signing up for them.

Here we go:

My Dear Extended Family,  

We have spent more than 12 years working to educate you on the subject of gold. I only ask in return that you consider these three videos carefully. These presentations sum up where we are, why gold was bombed, why technical analysis is in gold a major waste of time and the direction we are without any doubt going.

If you will devote time to watching each video carefully you will see how the recent operation to help the dollar by depreciating price of gold was not a short play but a play to keep a system alive.

Free Gold is an interesting school of thought with which I agree on the emancipation of gold from paper gold as natural development and its implication, but not the entire thesis which runs in various directions in application of their basic and correct thesis.

The not-anticipated result of the take down on paper gold was to wake a sleeping elephant of physical demand from other every corner of the globe. The opinion of the operators is that if the gold banks can keep pressure up on paper gold the huge demand for physical will fizzle. The world outside of North America has recent memories of monetary situations exactly the same as now. They know that paper is in its final stage and gold is in a major ascendancy. Physical demand will remain strong thereby overcoming paper gold and forcing paper gold exchanges to change their methods of delivery, clearly restricting paper to a secondary role and making its use to manipulate gold redundant.

The three videos build an argument that screams that you should not sell your physical gold or gold producers with political sensitivity, cheap cost of production, and near surface gold. Once again, if you have two cars sell one to either initiate or increase your gold and unique gold producer position. If you live in a metropolitan city, sell both.

1. Columbia Economist Dr. Jeffrey Sachs speaks candidly on monetary reform and defines the illegality of finance as now practiced.

Click here to watch the video... 


2. David Rosenberg just gave this devastating presentation on the sad state of the economy. This is the key to QE to Infinity even when depositors are hijacked for bank rescues.

3. In this video please do not watch the music video at the end. It is not pertinent or entertaining. The story however is your key to understanding exactly what has happened and what is about to happen. This video discusses the natural tendency of gold under present circumstances and why the US Fed pushed the panic button at $1900. It is the heart of the emancipation of gold from paper gold which releases physical gold and those entities with physical gold easily available to naturally rise in to prices we dare not even consider. It is the freeing of gold which is Free Gold.

You will identify the negative gold writers as employees of, or beneficiaries of, Boss Hogg.



With gold, silver and Uranium stocks being out of favor one must decide if this is a problem or an opportunity. We have steadfastly refused to buy gold and silver mining stocks for the last two years and as evidenced by the HUI we feel that our decision to hold back has been vindicated. The damage done to the mining sector may not be over yet but this demise is starting to offer up some exciting opportunities in my view.

Great care will be needed in the selection process in order to generate a reasonable profit and that’s where our new venture begins. ‘Stock Trader’ has begun trading on behalf of ourselves and our much valued subscribers, all exciting stuff which we are really looking forward to, if you wish to join us then please subscribe below;

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Reader Comments (2)

Dr. Jeffrey Sachs expresses his Moral and ethical outrage at the US Financial system and it s unwillingness to govern itself much better than I can. All I can do as citizen of this country is through non-participation in the on going fraud. I am only one man and have only one vote --- this is unlike those who can buy political favoritism with huge amounts of money. Don't give in to political ads and make your one vote count for the moral and honesty of the country.

May 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRay Lang

Sinclair is totally wrong about TA. If you had stuck with Ta since gold was$1900 and shorted it you would have made a pile. TA would have told you to do that. Like all involved in the gold market he tells what should happen ,not what is happening .Long gold can only happen if the Fed and bullion banks say so

May 7, 2013 | Unregistered Commentersilver bug

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