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Winning Streak Sees SK OptionTrader Closing to New Subscribers

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SK OptionTrader has been on a winning streak, closing 21 winners in a row since December 2012.  Four of the trades in that winning streak more than doubled in value, with one more than tripling. This streak has resulted in a significant surge in demand for our service, and in order to maintain our high standard we are closing our doors to new subscribers.


Our streak began with a vertical call spread on SPY, generating a quick 29.20% on December 17th just three weeks after opening the position. Having made a profit on rallying equities we recognised that volatility was high and took a short VXX position to make another winning trade, this time with profits of 24.01% only three days into the New Year.

Correctly, we predicted that gold was entering a bear market phase and that the days of new all-time highs would not be seen again for some time. In particular, significant downside was evident to us risk in Hecla Mining, a silver producer, and decided to take a short position using put options to benefit from a decline in the stock price. Sure enough the price plummeted and we were able to close our most profitable trade to date, earning 212.5% in 17 days!

Having been on the right side of the downtrend in gold we took a more aggressive short position on the market. Our position was rewarded, and we banked 175% in four days as gold collapsed in April. In this case we wished for some additional leverage on gold prices, and thus chose the poorly performing gold mining sector. We bought puts on GDXJ and GDX; positions that were gave us massive gains of 175% and 135.71% respectively.

In June we provided our fourth trade to more than double in value this year. We closed our short call spread position on GLD at a massive profit of 104.48%. These gains were just a few cents shy of the maximum that could have been made had we held the position till expiration; giving up these extra profits allowed us to re-allocate our portfolio earlier to more, profitable trades.

The last week in June would have to be one of our best on record, closing seven winners in two days. Short positions on gold via DZZ returned 21.01% and 25.78%, our Coeur d’Alene shorts made up to 14.47%, with our Hecla Mining short positions up to 31.14%!

This streak has driven demand for our service through the roof, and to maintain our high standard we are limiting the number of subscribers that will receive our newsletter. We will close our doors to new subscribers by August 10th, although we may close before then should demand continue to surge. Therefore, if you want to be a part of the winning team then you would do well to subscribe sooner rather than later.

Over the last four years our service has returned a total of 727.54% with an annualized return of 71.76% since inception. Our average trade this year has returned 47.37% in 32.25 days, and all of our trades in 2013 have been winners. On a year-to-date basis our model portfolio is up 55.58% on closed trades, not to mention our open positions that add to this number. Your last chance to be a part of this service is rapidly approaching, so get in now before you miss out!

Subscribe for 6 months- $499

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