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Here you will find a many of the frequently asked questiosn about NT, as well as their answers. If you have any other questiosn or queries please feel free to contact us.


What sort of service do you provide?

We provide buy and sell signals for stocks in the gold, silver, and energy sectors, as well as market commentary. We runa model portfolio that includes all of our positions along with recommended allocations for each of those positions. 


How have you performed in the past?

We issue a full record of all our trades on our trading record once they have been closed.


Do I need a PayPal account to subscribe?

No, you can pruchase a simple 12 months of subscription time with just your credit card. We will contact you at the end of you paid term to remind you to renew.


What sort of brokerage account do I need to follow your services?

Any brokerage account that allows you to trade stocks on US markets will suffice. We only buy and sell stocks, so no high level approval is needed for more complex trades.


Do you offer a refund, free trial or a money back gurantee?

No, we feel that such services would be open to abuse.


Why do you not offer free trials?

These are our reasons:

1) A free trial for a limited preiod, such as 30 days, is not sufficient to judge how good any kind of service is, bar day trading. As we are not day traders a free trial would not enable you to determine the value of our service, and therefore is not offered.

2) One may subscribe under an e-mail address, recieve signals for 29 days, cancel, and then re-subscribe under another. Thus repeating for a free ride.

3) If the service had a free trial, one with little or no interest in subscribing may sign up, as it incurs no cost, and then cancel after a short period leaving us with the adminsitration costs of processing and cancelling the subscription.


Can I make use of your service if I live overseas?

Yes, we are currently based in New Zealand, and therefore know for certain that one can trade our signals from outside the US. Provided that you have a broker that allows you to buy and sell US stocks, you can take advantage of our service.


Do you give both buy and sell signals?

Yes, we send buy signals immdiately after we have opened a trade in our portfolio, as well as sell signals immdiately after we have closed that position in our portfolio. This ensures that entry and exit points are clearly defined.


Why can I not just use the free newsletters that you currently publish?

You can, however, the details of all of the trades that we action will no longer be included in this newsletter, it will be made up mainly of market commentary.


How is this service different from SK OptionTrader?

This service focuses on trading gold, silver, and energy stocks, while SK OptionTrader concentrates on trading options. The 2 services do share resources where possible, however they should be considered seperate entities when signing up for either service, i.e. you will not recieve SK OptionTrader signals when signing up for our service or vice versa.


Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, you can find more information about it here.



Subscribe for 12 months with recurring billing - $199

Buy 12 months of subscription time - $199